Understanding how beneficial ProNuclear Berry Trees are for our planet

How To Grow A ProNuclear Berry Tree

A Guide for Growing ProNuclear Berry Trees. Since their discovery in 1954, ProNuclear Berry Trees have played an important role in the world.  In nations other than Australia, they are often used to relieve headaches and stress caused by high energy prices and unreliable electricity supply issues.   Growing ProNuclear Berry Trees is popular in affluent …

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A guide for fixing your country

A Guide For Fixing Your Country

A Beginner’s Guide to Fixing Your Country We would all be delighted if all environmental issues in our respective countries could be resolved within a year.   Equally, I’m also sure we’d all appreciate it if electricity, fuel, and gas prices could be cut in half at the same time. We tend to blame our poor …

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The Reserve Environment Of Earth

The Reserve Environment Of Earth

What is the role of the Reserve Environment? The Reserve Environment of Earth (REE) is the backup environmental policy bureau for our planet that is centrally managed by 16 of the world’s richest greengrocers, parsnip farmers, ice sculptors and semi-retired graffiti art critics. Background Information on the REE and its previous format. Also known as …

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no more power stations

Australia exiting the Electricity Business

Australia is finally exiting the electricity Generation business. Ever since electricity supply commenced in 1880 the industry has been plagued with issues.  Uncontrolled steady population growth is just one of Australia’s huge problems that electricity is responsible for.   Without elderly people and small infants failing to survive in extreme weather conditions, Australia’s population has continued …

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pollies behaving badly

Brain Training for Pollies

Brain Training for Bad Behaving Pollies. If you are a regular reader of healthisrock articles, you would have learnt about shape-shifting parrots with the ability to take on the appearance of human politicians via my article titled, ‘Energy Avoidance Syndrome Virus’   What I never mentioned in this article is that shape shifting pollies also possess …

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immigration is a misery business in australia

Immigration is a misery business

Immigration is a misery business in Australia. The wonderful, amazing & truly inspirational Australian government appears to be careless and irrational in considering 325,000 new immigrants per year for the next two years. It’s almost as if they’re okay with the amount of misery that will result. In addition to any immigrants our skilled politicians believe we require, we …

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The Liber Ale Brewery

Collapse of the Liber Ale Brewery

The Collapse of the Liber Ale Brewery in Oz. The Liber Ale Brewery, founded in 1944, has been a part of the Oz landscape for nearly 79 years. Liber Ale purchased a controlling interest in the National Draught Ale Brewery in 1949, but the two breweries continued to operate independently. Every four years, they join …

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Left and Right Chicken Wings

Left and Right Chicken Wings

Our history With Left & Right Chicken Wings Chickens first appeared on Earth as prized pets of Atlantean visitors who arrived on our planet 180,000 years ago.  Atlantean chickens, then known as Foulus Chookus, were always taken on intergalactic missions due to the magical strategy development powers associated with eating their wings. Atlantean rulers adorned …

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The Reddish Green TV Show

The Reddish Green TV Show

Review of the Reddish Green TV Show Reddish Green has been the Zero Comedy Networks premier show for the last 10 months. Reddish Green certainly lives up to its catchphrase, “If it wasn’t true you would laugh and it’s ok to cry”. The show is co-produced by Greengrocer Films, Teal Fantasy Productions & Red-Labor Pictures. …

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coal fired power station

HELE Coal Fired Power Plants

High Efficiency Low Emissions (HELE) Coal Fired Power Plants Given the importance of low-carbon energy generation, it is critical that we are made aware of all the good work being done in developing very high efficiency, low-emissions coal fired power plant technologies. Despite rapid advances in renewables, there is no foreseeable way to make the …

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Australian Polly Ticks outbreak

Lai-bore Polly Ticks Outbreak

Update on Lai-bore Polly Ticks outbreak. Customs officials in Australia have yet to confirm that an outbreak of Lai-bore Polly Ticks was discovered on Parliament Drive in Canberra around 3 p.m. on Monday, March 27, 2023. The dreaded Lai-bore Polly Ticks are thought to have arrived in Australia via wooden smuggler boats, which have been …

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the latest nuclear power technology

Advanced Nuclear Power Technologies

Advanced Nuclear Power & Recycling Technologies. For many years, the brightest minds on the planet have been researching ways to develop more sustainable energy solutions. Nuclear power is well known for being a dependable source of clean energy. Many countries around the world have reaped the benefits of nuclear-powered electricity generation, which allows them to …

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Net Zero Agency Division 6

Net Zero Agency Division 6

The Net Zero Agency Division 6 in Australia. On February 16, 1946, the ‘actual’ first transparent meeting between Earth’s leaders (G13) and three ambassadors from the planet Gogeta took place. This meeting, which lasted four hours, was the planet’s first “Earth Summit.” The 1946 Earth Summit was the first time these previously secret meetings with …

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wall around australia

Energy Avoidance Syndrome Virus

The Energy Avoidance Sydrome Virus in Australia. I’m too young to remember life before the wall and the virus, and there aren’t many books left to learn about the old ways. We usually learn about the old ways from the elders around the fire at night. They call this place we live Australia and we …

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htr class submarines

Underwater Shark Watching Tours

Aus Underwater Shark Watching Tours All ‘swimming with sharks’ and surfing activities on Australian beaches have been made illegal following reports of over 390 surfers punching sharks on the nose. Because of these unprovoked shark attacks, the National Underwater Tourism Ombudsman (NUTO) has been forced to take strong legal action to protect sharks. Parliament quickly …

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Poo to Power Plants for cheap clean energy

Cheap and Clean Power from Poop

Creating Cheap & Clean Power from Poop About 8 years ago, I read about a fascinating American dairy farm in Plymouth, Indiana, that had completely transformed their business by producing their own power from cow manure. They saw the big picture and realised the long-term benefits of investing in a biogas recovery system that would …

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The united state of western australia

The United State of Western Australia

Introducing the United State of Western Australia (USWA) Via proposed plans to unify Australia into a single entity, the west coast of Australia will no longer be ignored by tourists or the business elite and become the home of Australian politics. The formation of the United State of Western Australia will result in the consolidation …

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making electricity from plastic and rubbish

Electricity from Plastic & Rubbish

Clean Electricity via your plastics & Rubbish Making Electricity from plastic recycling. Australia-based Licella is the world leader in hydrothermal liquefaction.   Their patented, next-generation Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor (Cat-HTR) technology produces the most oil of any “plastic to oil technology” and is the only platform of its kind in existence. Sure, I absolutely have a bias …

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Sawtov Brain Flu Images

Suspected case of Sawtov Brain Flu

Suspected new case of the ancient Sawtov Brain Flu in Australia It is extremely rare for any ancient prophecies to come to light, and when they do, they are never anything like what the ancient scrolls described. However, on March 9, 2023, shortly after 3 p.m. in Sydney, Australia (4 a.m. UTC), the first suspected …

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Cut and Recycle All Green Tape in Australia

Cut and recycle green tape in Australia

CUT & RECYCLE GREEN TAPE TO PAY OFF FOREIGN DEBT. Australia’s financial situation has stifled Green Initiatives. Australia currently has a gross debt of just over $1 trillion dollars, which is simply absurd for a country of only 25 million people. Australia has 4 million fewer people than the state of Texas in the United …

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tree change in wagga is very possble

Stop complaining about city life and leave.

Stop Complaining about the city & just leave Pack your belongings and travel to an incredible inland NSW city like Wagga Wagga for a Tree Change. Avoid exorbitantly priced housing and business locations, nonstop traffic, idiotic drivers, toll road costs, tiresome customers who want everything for nothing, and bad attitudes in every direction. Wagga Wagga …

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Location of Australia Pty Ltd

Australia will revert back to UK Management

Australia set to revert back to UK Management in 2024 The incredibly long British experiment with Australia that has lasted 122 years has completely failed. Australia decided that it was all grown up, well and truly capable of looking after itself and became a nation on 01-Jan-1901.   The English overlords didn’t see the harm in …

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fat white males in ancient rome

Humans need to be inclusive in all areas

Humans need to be inclusive in all areas, No exceptions! Warning This article that MUST NEVER BE READ BY ANYONE.   Although the author is attempting to be funny, there is no allowance for being funny in this modern world.  So please adhere to the warning and DO NOT READ the below article under any …

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nuclear power

Nuclear Power is destined for Australia

Nuclear power technology is destined for Australia in the next 5 years. Can you be Green and still love the idea of Nuclear Power? The biggest issue I see with Australia going nuclear is Greens who aren’t truly Green.   Being green, for me, means being an environmentalist or a conservationist who wakes up every day …

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the joy of being woke

Understanding the meaning of being WOKE

Understanding the true meaning of being WOKE and the history The history of being WOKE is now finally revealed. Being WOKE has been widely misunderstood and misrepresented over the last 9 years.  On the 18th of August 2013, an Australian cosmetic salesperson named Karen was on vacation in the seaside town of Selsey in West …

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bio diesel from vegetable oil - Bio Fuels - Environmentally Friendly

Help Australia learn about Bio Fuels and Clean Energy

Australia needs help to understand Bio Fuels and Cheap Clean Energy I was going to write an article just about how cool Bio Diesel is this morning, and I will still talk a lot about it in this article because it is very important to our future, but wow, there is so much more to …

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Tamworth Mega City

The development of Tamworth mega city

development of tamworth – inland mega city Tamworth’s transformation and growth into a city that can easily accommodate 8 million people will be a massive undertaking. It will be an extremely costly and time-consuming task. Such a task would necessitate massive amounts of organic energy and ongoing investment from a large number of people, as …

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desertification - rapid loss of soil - environmental concerns

Addressing environmental issues

Addressing critical environmental issues Every person, creature, country, city and town on this planet is impacted by environmental issues like air pollution, marine species extinctions, desertification, overpopulation, fresh water scarcity, deforestation, ground water contamination, waste management, and varying levels of climate change.    Our environment has deteriorated at an alarming rate over the last century, …

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keep the lights on at night - Energy Crisis - Rising Electricity Costs


Bluegen fuel cells what happened to Ceramic Fuel Cells? When Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (CFCL) went into voluntary administration in 2015, it was a sad day. The CFCL team packed their belongings and relocated to Europe, however it appears that their Blue Gen Power Cell units are currently doing incredibly well through a very interesting …


Reduce Government Costs - Increase Environmental Spending

Free up all the money required to be green

How to Free Up money required to be Green Just like every Natural Disaster Movie. When people discuss making things greener or more ecologically friendly, money is constantly mentioned. In almost every Hollywood movie involving a natural disaster, a highly respected scientist or expert will lay out a prediction; suggest some preventive measures to be …

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bee pollinating - the importance of bees - protect the environment

Busy Bees are the bees knees & we need more

We need more bees, bees are the bees knees The expression “the bees knees” was coined in the late 18th century to describe anything small or inconsequential. It took on a new meaning in the 1920s, which is still in use today, and it now refers to someone or something being very cool, exceptional, superb, …

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