Humans need to be inclusive in all areas

fat white males in ancient rome

Humans need to be inclusive in all areas, No exceptions!




Although the author is attempting to be funny, there is no allowance for being funny in this modern world.  So please adhere to the warning and DO NOT READ the below article under any circumstances.

Members of the FWBSRMEHM+ community seek justice

unfair treatment of fat males

This article discusses the tragic issue of social exclusion and how our actions and inactions in social circles can be harmful in some circumstances to members of communities that just don’t seem to get a fair go sometimes.

According to a senior member of the Fat, White, Beer Swilling, Red Meat Eating Heterosexual Males Community (FWBSRMEHM+), they have lost their voice over the last 13 years, coinciding with the rise of the WOKE movement and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Nothing against the aforementioned, obviously, just a quick and uneducated observation by a curious FWBSRMEHM+ community member.

Members of the FWBSRMEHM+ community claim that our modern society has made it increasingly difficult for them to be socially oriented, outgoing, liked, and thought about when invitations to social events are being created.

The social exclusion that FWBSRMEHM+ community members are now experiencing has left them with virtually no social existence outside of their local pubs, butchers, RSLs, and their homes.


This disturbing process has made Fat, White, Beer-Swilling, and Red Meat-Eating Heterosexual Males feel isolated and unwanted in a world that is supposed to be all about inclusion.

What has gone wrong with our desire to be inclusive in all aspects of life?

being inclusive in life

Although no one in this community claims that there is a conspiracy, they do not understand why BBQ and other social gathering invites are down 42.5% in 2022 compared to 2016. Invites to AFL, Soccer, and both forms of rugby matches were also down 51.8% for registered FWBSRMEHM+ community members, with invites to art gallery exhibitions and movie premieres both down 80.5%.

Users on some social media platforms were claiming that invites to all types of social gatherings for Fat White Beer Swilling Red Meat Eating members of the WOKE movement and the LGBTQIA+ community have been increasing at an average rate of 13.6% over the last 7 years.  

This has triggered much discussion within the FWBSRMEHM+ community as they state that they should not be excluded just because of the way they were born.  


The point being that members of the FWBSRMEHM+ community quite rightfully point out that they were obviously born with a predisposed propensity to be Fat, to be partial to swilling beer on a regular basis, to eat Red Meat and in particular Lamb, to be only interested in the ladies and to only ever describe themselves as males.  

What does it all mean to those affected?

being a fat white male is ok

For members of the FWBSRMEHM+ community, being Fat, White, Beer Swilling, Red Meat Eating Heterosexual Males was not a choice they made at some point of their life, it’s just the way they are.  

The walls of their clubhouse are covered with photos of them out and about enjoying social gatherings in the good old days, and they just don’t understand why people seem to be distancing themselves from them now.

FWBSRMEHM+ community members just want things to go back to how they used to be.   Is it really that much of an issue to have a photo taken with you enjoying a good night out with a Fat, White Beer Swilling, Red Meat Eating Heterosexual Male?

Birth originated propensities seem to be accepted for some humans but not for all.   At a time in this Planets journey where it’s legal for humans to marry dolphins, rag-dolls, ghosts, a train station, themselves, a dog, bridge, swimming pool and a tree, surely we’re are open minded enough to watch a state of origin game sitting next to a Fat White Heterosexual bloke that loves shoving beer and lamb chops in his mouth.

FWBSRMEHM+ community members would like to point out that there are many aspects of their lives that are extremely similar to White, Fat, Beer Swilling, Red Meat Eating Male WOKE movement or LGBTQIA+ community members.

If you or someone you know is aware of a Fat, White, Beer Swilling, Red Meat Eating Heterosexual Male in your area, please try your best to include them in your social events.

The History of the FWBSRMEHM+ community.

the history of fat white males

Fat, White, Beer Swilling, Red Meat Eating Heterosexual Males have been around for a very long time.   Although not abundant back in ancient Egypt, FWBSRMEHM+ community members have appeared here and there in the political arenas of many countries such as Greece and over thousands of years.

Being fat was considered a sign of prosperity during the mediaeval period, due to the many obstacles people faced just to survive each week. A fat person stood out as someone who easily got enough to eat, and getting enough to eat was the one thing a starving person would want, so a fat person was actually kinda attractive at such times.

FWBSRMEHM+ community members were reasonably popular from around 100 BC to 80 AD in ancient Rome.

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