Energy Avoidance Syndrome Virus

The Energy Avoidance Sydrome Virus in Australia.

wall around australia

I’m too young to remember life before the wall and the virus, and there aren’t many books left to learn about the old ways. We usually learn about the old ways from the elders around the fire at night.

They call this place we live Australia and we have 4 clans that run things, the house of teal, the house of green, the house of red and the house of blue.   My parents used to say that the 4 ruling houses date back to long before the wall.    There was apparently a time when people used to vote on which house/clan they belong to and animals to hunt and who should collect firewood etc.  

Nobody understood the virus; they just thought the old clan leaders started acting odd and ridiculous one day and before long, it was all over. 

When the Virus first came to our land

in times after the wall and after the energy avoidance syndrome virus

My father used to say that the virus arrived in our world before the wall from these large shape shifting parrots that could transform themselves to look exactly like humans and no one could tell the difference.

The Parrots carried and spread the virus. They were immune to it for many years, and it was too late by the time anyone realized how dangerous the virus was and that it was the parrots’ fault. The parrots first invaded and took over the blue and red clans.

We now know that the Parrots couldn’t think for themselves and simply repeated what any convincing sounding human said to them.   So when the leaders of the Teal & Green clans became infected with the virus, there wasn’t anybody to stop them from causing havoc.

According to my understanding of the virus, it first affects the left side of the brain before spreading to the frontal lobe, where people have no control over their behavior and are unaware of what is going on.

The virus cannot tolerate the presence of electricity or methane gas, so the first thing the virus does after gaining control of the brain is force the host to remove any sources of electricity or methane gas from the surrounding areas.

The rapid spread of the Energy Avoidance Syndrome Virus

the end of Australia came quickly

There was no one in Australia to stop the infected from shutting down all sources of electricity and methane gas due to the parrots invading the blue and red clans and all members of the teal and green clans being affected by the virus.   The blue and red clans just did whatever the Teal and Green leaders told them to do.

The virus was spreading at an alarming rate, frightening the clans from the outside world. So, before the virus could leave Australia and infect the rest of the world, the leaders banded together and pooled all of their resources to construct the wall.

The wall did not take long to construct because the entire outside world was united in stopping the spread of the Energy Avoidance Syndrome Virus.

According to the elders, the wall begins at the bottom of the ocean and extends all the way up to the clouds in the sky.

We can all see how high it gets, and how it blocks out the sun for the majority of the day, making it colder than it should be in the winter. I never want to irritate the Net Zero spirits, but I really hope the virus is gone. I’d like to travel around the world on one of the magical flying monsters that fly above our heads sometimes.

The rest of the world live differently to Australia.

the rest of the world have electricity

According to the elders, the rest of the world is not like this; they have a thing called electricity that makes it look like day at night when the sun goes away and no one dies during the winter from being too cold.   It must be nice to live outside the wall, and I hope every day that they will come and tear it down before my time has come to pass.

The elders say this will not occur because the other world clans have no way of knowing if the virus has been eradicated. The elders claim that the other worlders are too afraid to approach the wall for fear of contracting the virus.

I enjoy hearing elders tell stories about how, before the wall, many Australians would ride on flying monsters that could fly so fast that they burned the sky. It is fun to think about life before the wall but as the house of Teal elders say, “It was for the best, we must abide by the Net Zero Spirits”.

We were forced to abide by the Net Zero Spirits

Not all Green Advisors know what they are talking about unfortunately

The elders of the Teal and Green houses claim that if we had not followed the Net Zero Spirits, none of us would have survived, and that we must thank the spirits every day.

Winter is approaching as the leaves begin to fall from the trees. Each winter seems to get harder, with fewer animals to eat and the wall blocking out the sun most of the time, making it difficult to grow crops.

I will pray to the Net Zero Spirits that my family survives this winter, but I must also prepare my thoughts to accept what I cannot control, and I know in my heart that many members of our clan will perish this winter as a result of the cold.

If only the Parrots never came to our land and spread the Energy Avoidance Syndrome Virus throughout our once prosperous island nation.

Tonight, I’ll dream of a different world, one similar to what the other worlders live in.  This will keep me from thinking about the cold.

I wish there was a way to send this letter back in time.   

To a time before the virus and the wall and warn everyone about the Parrots.

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