Addressing environmental issues

Addressing critical environmental issues

major environmental problems

Every person, creature, country, city and town on this planet is impacted by environmental issues like air pollution, marine species extinctions, desertification, overpopulation, fresh water scarcity, deforestation, ground water contamination, waste management, and varying levels of climate change.


 Our environment has deteriorated at an alarming rate over the last century, and humans have continued to deplete the planet’s resources as if everything good in the world were on sale on Black Friday. 

How much of an impact do human actions really have on this planet?

Over the last couple of decades, horrific disasters such as bushfires, droughts, flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis, and cyclones have become more intense and more common.   A lot of us feel as though we humans are responsible for a good portion of this.

You just have to look at what we’ve been doing to this planet and how we’ve been doing it, only an irrational person would think that Human impacts on the environment have not been detrimental.

Most politicians will never admit that their country has done or is doing anything wrong, but you can be certain that the 7.6 billion people on this planet do very little that is beneficial to the planet’s health or preservation.

It appears that no matter how many famous people speak out about the problems, how many millions of environmental centric websites proclaim the problems exist, or how hard the thousands of environmental organisations around the world work, humans will not give up their ideals, self-appointed rights, or luxuries.

Yes, many of us have been chipping away at the problems for many years, but the impact of millions of people doing small environmentally conscious deeds is insufficient, barely scratching the surface of the problem.

We need big changes, and we need them now. We have done far too much damage, and we will need to go without in order to have any meaningful impact on the healing and preservation of this planet.

For example, if we continue to harvest, buy, and eat fish at the same rate we are today, they will all be extinct in 26 years. 

The reality is that only people with a strong sense of right and wrong will do the right thing and sadly, 25% of the population will be interested in environmental issues, while 75% will not. So anyone attempting to apply the massive amount of change that we desperately require will face opposition from three out of every four people.


We won’t care what happens to the planet until it becomes uninhabitable.

When people’s lifestyles have been sufficiently impacted by the planet’s destruction, the wailing and whining from those who refused to help will be deafening.

What type of things do we need to start doing?

It will cost us all a vast amount time and money to:

1.   Eliminate use of harmful pesticides, 

2.   Repopulate all remaining marine species

3.   Repurpose and recycle our waste instead of dumping it in landfills

4.   Stop all forms of whaling, 

5.   Clean the oceans of all plastic pollution, 

6.   Switch to bio-fuels, make electric conversions cheaper and rollout millions of hydrogen vehicles, 

7.   Accept that new nuclear power technologies are the only solution for power generation, and then obviously switch to Nuclear Power everywhere possible.

8.   Converting all super trawlers on this planet into whale watching vessels, 

9.   Green the deserts, 

10.   Improve soil structure, 

11.   Grow billions of trees, 

12.   Repair the water cycle, and 

13.   Reduce air pollution. 

Unfortunately, most people will find it difficult to devote time and money to the healing of the planet.   It just won’t fit in with their busy schedules most likely.

We need to change the way we look at things?

Massive oil spills in the ocean will be in the news for about 12 hours these days, we chose to ignore the fact that acid rain exists, and good luck convincing people that population control is necessary now, as there is a large amount of evidence that this planet cannot support 10 billion people.

It doesn’t seem to matter where you look; there are plenty of examples of how little humans care about trying to heal the planet.

Today is the absolute best day to start trying to be better and to demand more from our governments and industry leaders.

People must begin voting with their bank accounts, shifting their financial support away from companies and products that are destroying the planet and towards those that are. Challenge what you see on labels; there are many companies that claim to be doing the right thing, but this is rarely the case. Some believe that simply appearing to be green is sufficient, and as Thomas Edison once said, “seeming to do is not doing.”


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