Free up all the money required to be green

How to Free Up money required to be Green.

being green costs money - Raise funds for the Environment

Attracting ‘The Money To Be Green’ is becoming increasingly important as we are now becoming more in tune with the harm we’ve done to this planet and what we need to do about ait.

However, Political Leaders and Policymakers are frequently confronted with an array of pressing environmental issues without any ideas from those presenting the information as to how their country is supposed to pay for addressing these issues.

Climate change, pollution, deforestation, loss of quality fertile soil, flood mitigation, species extinction rates, overfishing of the oceans and loss of biodiversity represent just some of extensive and daunting challenges that demand urgent attention by each country’s leaders.

Despite widespread acknowledgment of these issues and their potential to wreak havoc on ecosystems and human societies, a significant barrier persists in addressing them effectively and that is the huge costs associated with implementing sustainable solutions.

The financial mechanisms necessary to fund large scale environmental solutions are often overlooked or underemphasized, leading to a gap between recognition of the problem and a sense of urgency about implementing corrective actions.

While the environmental problems will be extremely well documented and extensively studied, the economic strategies and funding models required to mitigate these crises receive comparatively less focus and in come cases zero focus.

This oversight is holding us back, leaving many environmentally friendly initiatives unfunded and unable to get off the ground.

The cost of inaction on addressing the hundreds of critical environmental corrective actions is far-reaching.

Ignoring the financial aspects of environmental solutions can lead to exacerbated natural disasters, increased health issues, and long-term biodiversity instability.

If we can make fixing the planet a worthwhile business venture, then attracting the money to be green will not be so difficult.

If spend time and money providing two ways to fund every environmental corrective action, the business of fixing the planet will be booming.

Manufacturing – The Key To Obtaining The Money To Be Green.

If you provide manufacturers the means for large scale manufacturing via eco-friendly means and powered by very cheap electricity, then investing in your country becomes very attractive.

Profit sharing would be the basis of these endeavours.   

The host countries would have to do everything they can to support very cheap but eco-friendly platforms for large scale manufacturing businesses.  In return they would get a nice slice of the profits, they could then use that money to fix their environmental concerns.

As Manufacturers started to build their massive manufacturing buildings, new communities of workers on these projects would be created.  Over time these pop-up communities would transform into new eco-friendly towns and cities.

They would support these new and exciting manufacturing districts.  Sewage treatment in these locations would be via Anaerobic digestion and the biogas produced would be fed to the manufacturing facilities to be either burnt for electricity generation or used in the manufacturing process.

There would be no rubbish landfill operations at these locations, all rubbish would be separated into 2 streams, plastics and ‘everything else.  All plastics would be chemically recycled via technology such as Licella’s CAT-HTR Process and everything else would be subjected to technology such as Sierra Energy’s FastOx Gasification Process.

In this situation, all rubbish would end up producing synthetic gas that could then be given to the manufacturing companies to do with as they please.

Assuming you would be able to supply cheap natural gas to these locations, you could also make sure that every home has a Blue Gen Power Cell to make electricity from methane gas.  

The electricity produced could then power these homes for free and any excess electricity could be stored in batteries and used by the manufacturing companies.  

This technology not only keeps the lights on at night but helps take the load off any grid fed electricity these communities might be using.

Money Is The Key To The Environment.

By understanding and addressing the financial dimensions of environmental solutions, we would learn that developing robust and effective environmental corrective actions that will actually be completed in full and at specification is possible.

Finding ‘The Money To Be Green’ is the key to sustainable future.

Once people start delving into the various financial mechanisms that could be leveraged to fund environmental solutions, the more wins they are going to have.

Once we start integrating economic benefits with environmental policymaking, there will few reasons for delays with fixing our planet.

By examining both the challenges and opportunities associated with financing environmental correction actions, we can help bridge the gap between what we need to do and what we are doing.

Power Generation Options To Fund Conservation.

Addressing environmental challenges nearly always requires substantial financial resources.  It’s a reality that can deter political leaders from prioritising these initiatives.

If you live in country that is not prosperous, then it would be hard for your leaders to consider even thinking about funding large scale environmental corrective actions.

So, why not just make your country prosperous?

The bigger the business needs to be, the more electricity they are going to consume.  So it is all about doing the planning.  

The closer to ‘zero costs’ for electricity you can provide for major industrial investment in your country, the more prosperous you are likely to become.

The more prosperous you become, the more money you will have to complete environmental corrective actions.

Look at what reserves your country might have for fuelling electricity generation.  If your country has an abundance of uranium, natural gas or coal, then you’ve got the potential for prosperity.

Using the latest technologies with generating electricity from these resources you can supply businesses looking for a good place to invest with one of the most key basic elements they need, cheap and clean power.

Rational Thinking Humans living in a country that needs to become prosperous to fund environmental corrective actions would not be prepared to leave any good ideas untouched.

If you have an abundance of coal in your country, then build High Efficiency Low Emissions (HELE) Ultra-Supercritical Coal Fired Power Generation Plants.

If you have an abundance of natural gas underneath your feet in your country, then build gas fired power station.  They would consist of at least three power trains, each equipped with a 9HA.02 gas turbine and a STF-D650 steam turbine driving W88 generators.    

Additionally, they would have a GE once-through (OT) heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) to capture the exhaust heat from the gas turbine, generating steam that will be redirected to STF-D650 steam turbines. 

These combined systems will roughly produce just over 2GW of power via 3 trains, ensuring the plant’s energy needs are met.  If you need more power, build more power trains or build more gas fired power stations.

If you have an abundance of uranium in the ground at your country, then build Nuclear Power Stations.

Integrating financial planning into action plans for addressing environmental corrective actions gives policy makers the tools they need to get things done. 

It ensures that ‘fixing the planet’ projects are not only designed with sustainability in mind but are also financially viable. The more business/investment friendly you can make your country, the more holistic approaches you can maximize to achieve positive environmental outcomes.

All of this makes a very compelling case for fist working out the ‘money required to be green’ before submitting your environmental problem correction strategies.

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[…] 6.    Free up all the money required to be green […]


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