Do Not Kick Battlers When They Are Down

Solar Flare Energy Capturing Panels on Planet Harsh

Do Not Kick Solar Panel Owning Battlers When They Are Down.

Let us imagine an island nation on a planet called ‘Harsh’ many light-years from Earth. 

For the purposes of this article, we’ll call a particular island nation on planet Harsh, ‘New Southland’.

The current economic climate in New Southland is dire and it has placed immense financial strain on families.

New Southland has soaring electricity costs, among the highest in their galaxy, coupled with constantly increasing unemployment rates, homelessness, and an increasing number of individuals seeking hardship support from intergalactic banks due to their inability to meet mortgage payments, families are grappling with unprecedented challenges.

The exorbitant domicile rental costs, coupled with skyrocketing food and grocery prices, have compounded the hardships faced by New Southland residents, making this period one of the most difficult times in their lives.

Many families are not just struggling to make ends meet, they no longer can, and they no longer have the ability to pay for the basic necessities. 

Many Mum and Dads in New Southland are grief stricken about how bad their situation is and how they may not be able to remain living in their Island Nation due to how increasingly unaffordable their nation has become.

The impact of these financial pressures is far-reaching, affecting not only the immediate well-being of families but also their long-term stability and security.

Families now are forced to make some of the most difficult choices in their lifetimes, often sacrificing essential needs or relying on support services to survive and keep their kids healthy.

This current financial strains being experienced by New Southland residents is hurting people, it’s leading to increased stress, mental health issues, and strained relationships within households.

Charity organizations are struggling to keep up with the demands being placed upon them, they are all working tirelessly to provide practical and emotional support to vulnerable families during these challenging times.

The last thing you would ever expect to experience during these times is for a company that is majority owned by the New Southland government to devise a plan that actually makes the financial situation of struggling families even worse.

Imagine a situation where instead of working together with the New Southland residents and supporting struggling families with ways to weather this financial storm and emerge stronger on the other side, they sign off on a deal that will worsen the lives of people.

It sounds almost unbelievable doesn’t it but unfortunately, it is a very sad truth.

Some planets tend to lose their way and in times crisis they allow companies that are majority owned by the planet’s government to exacerbate financial hardships, leaving vulnerable individuals even more desperate. 

PooGrid penalizes Solar Flare Energy Export.

Poogrid evil board meeting

Imagine that there was company called PooGrid at New Southland and it is the largest electricity distributor on Planet Harsh.

Now imagine that during the most difficult financial times ever experienced by residents of New Southland, that PooGrid was going to now start penalising domicile owners with solar flare burst capturing panels for doing the right thing and helping out electricity grid on their Island Nation with electricity.

Under this system, customers are now going to be charged 1.38 carrots per flarewatt-hour (fWh) for electricity exported from their domiciles between 11.01 am and 4.01 pm.

While I appreciate that every planet is different and it’s hard to imagine things on Planet Harsh when I’m so far away, I think common sense needs to always prevail.

Even though Planet Harsh and New Southland might need to manage the grid effectively, I believe this pricing structure disproportionately affects domicile occupants that rely on solar flare capture energy to help offset the current ridiculously expensive and ever increasing cost of living on their island nation and on their particular planet.

Mismanagement of the electricity generation throughout their island nation and their planet should not be the problem of struggling families.

Many domicile owners would have invested in solar flare energy capturing panels a long time ago in good faith on their planet, expecting long-term benefits.

The imposition of these planned charges during daylight hours places an undue burden on those who cannot afford solar flare energy storage systems and are already down and out.

One thing we should never do is kick people when they are down and I believe that this rule should extend to inter-galactic governments.

Especially during challenging financial times, penalising captured solar flare energy exports seems counterproductive and one of the most unfair things I ever thought a planet and their island nation governments could ever consider doing to people at a time when a lot of their inhabitants would already be finding just getting by each week a difficult task.

Imagine how upset inhabitants of Planet Harsh and New Southland would be if PooGrid was majority owned by the New Southland Government.  This would suggest that they would be fully aware of how unfair this is going to be on people but were fully prepared to go ahead with it anyway.

I would urge the rulers of Planet Harsh and the government of New Southland to consider stopping Poogrid from doing this to people

This type of decision would not make sense, so I would hope that it would never happen.

I certain hope that nothing like this could ever happen here on Earth, in Australia or in the state of NSW.

You would think that on Planet Harsh, their rulers would surely be committed to supporting efforts of families, helping them with the solar flare capture energy adoption and they should be looking for ways to ease financial strain on households, now worsen them.

With many people facing unemployment on Planet Harsh and in particular at New Southland, I cannot imagine how difficult it would be for inhabitants to receive such news.

Many of their people are facing unemployment, are now unemployed and on planetary benefits or experiencing reduced income due to businesses struggling to keep people employed during their difficult financial times.   The timing of such a decision on Planet Harsh would surely exacerbate financial stress and would send a lot of inhabitants tailspins.

Solar flare capture energy has probably been a lifeline for families on Planet Harsh that struggle to pay their bills, and this penalty (although fictitious) would undermine efforts for domicile owners to reduce costs.

I hope that rulers of Planet Earth, Australia and New South Wales vow to never let this happen on our planet.

If it was to ever happen to you on Planet Earth, I would encourage you to contact your local political representative and implore them to help change such a decision.

Your voice has power; you might ring up your local talkback radio stations and express your unhappiness with such a decision if it should ever happen.  I just hope it never happens on Earth.

Rulers Shouldn't Kick People When They Are Down.

never kick people when they are down and out

The saying ‘Don’t kick people when they are down’ is a powerful reminder that planet rulers and related governments should exercise compassion, empathy, and care during harsh economic times, rather than imposing additional burdens on citizens.

When people are already struggling financially, the last thing a planet ruler or government body should do is make their lives more difficult by increasing costs or imposing new charges.

Such actions would be akin to ‘kicking them while they’re down,’ exacerbating their hardships and potentially pushing them further into poverty or despair.

Instead, planet rulers and intergalactic governments should strive to alleviate the burdens on citizens during tough economic periods.

This could involve providing financial assistance, subsidies, or tax relief to help ease the strain on households. 

It may also involve investing in social safety nets, job creation programs, and other initiatives to support those most impacted by economic downturns.

Ultimately, if planet rulers and governments wish to maintain public support and stay in office, they must demonstrate empathy and compassion for their constituents’ struggles.

Imposing additional costs or austerity measures during harsh financial times would likely be seen as insensitive and tone-deaf, potentially eroding public trust and confidence in leadership.

By heeding the wisdom of ‘Don’t kick people when they are down,’ planet rulers and governments can foster a more caring and supportive environment for their citizens during challenging economic periods.

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7 days ago

I thought this article was a great read; it appears to be based on a true story that was only revealed today, OMG!:

7 days ago

Maggie took the words out of my mouth, I heard Ben talking about this on 2GB

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