Cut and recycle green tape in Australia


Cut and Recycle All Green Tape in Australia

Australia's financial situation has stifled Green Initiatives.

Australias financial situation has stifled Green Initiatives

Australia currently has a gross debt of just over $1 trillion dollars, which is simply absurd for a country of only 25 million people.

Australia has 4 million fewer people than the state of Texas in the United States, and Texas has a debt of just over US $60 billion.

In any event, Australia’s financial woes are getting worse all the time due to unbelievable and seemingly uncontrollable government spending and huge amounts of interest on their foreign debt.

The approximate gross earnings of Australia every year is around 1.9 Trillion Dollars but its net revenue is as little as 95 billion dollars from what I can discover.    

95 billion could theoretically be a good number, but when you look at government spending, you quickly realise that it is not. Turn on the radio or television at any time of day and you’ll hear about how problematic Australian government spending is at both the state and federal levels, but that’s only what we can easily discover. From what can work out, the Australian Federal Government currently spends around 82 billion dollars per year, but before we think that’s fine because they might then be in the black by $13 billion per year, remember they still have to pay off their AUD $1 trillion loan.

Unless Australia is able to pay off their loan payments faster than currently anticipated, the yearly repayments will of course continue to rise due to interest compounding on the outstanding amount.

My best understanding of Australia’s situation is that this fascinating ‘land down under,’ once known as “the lucky country,” will need to pay off their debt at a rate of around 57 billion dollars per year. So, even before you consider the problematic behavior they regularly experience as a result of politicians misusing taxpayer funds and anything else diverting government spending away from where it should be, Australia’s problems worsen by 44 billion dollars per year, necessitating more borrowing.

Australia requires substantial manufacturing business investment.

Australia requires substantial manufacturing business investment

Sustainable manufacturing & processing businesses are one of the best options for financial growth in Australia, which will help Australia pay off its foreign debt.   Australia must repay its foreign debt as soon as possible, and it will not be able to do so by only cutting spending and doing stupid things like putting their hands on hard working Australian’s superannuation.

If the current government does not have all of the answers to Australia’s debt crisis, they simply need to raise their hand and ask for help.   I’m sure the Australian people would think much more of a group of people who admit defeat on a specific subject and seek assistance than of a group that doesn’t know what to do and ends up triggering a vote of no confidence, forcing Australia into yet another Federal Election.

Australian state and federal governments must do everything possible to turn on businesses that produce goods that the world requires. At the moment, green tape is a major deterrent, as are the world’s highest gas prices (except for WA). As if that weren’t enough, Australia is now on track to have one of the world’s highest average electricity kilowatt-hour (kWh) rates.

Even if Australia announces today that it intends to cut green tape by one-third, the positive effects on business implementation will not be felt for some time. Extensive research, consultation, and parliamentary processes are required for this strategy. Unfortunately, by the time they figure out which 33% of current green tape they can now live without, Australia will be bankrupt and in default.

Strong government support on a case-by-case basis is the only way to achieve the desired results. Businesses will need to determine which issues they require the government to relax its stance on, as well as present all details of risk assessments and how they intend to mitigate any risks. State and federal governments must also provide lucrative incentives for businesses to adopt sustainable practices.

Creation of new Manufacturing Factories and businesses, led by foreign investment from highly successful companies, should be a key driver of Australia’s economic development.  This type of growth attracts much-needed capital and expertise, which can be used to construct infrastructure, fund R&D initiatives, and fund other critical projects.

Furthermore, foreign investors bring their own experience of doing similar things in other countries; they are frequently extremely well organised and efficient, and all that the host governments need to do in these situations is get out of their way. New manufacturing businesses can start popping up with great regularity with little interference, which can help promote entrepreneurship in the country while also creating an environment conducive to innovation, development, and long-term investments.

Why has environmental green tape in Australia been so detrimental?

Why has environmental green tape in Australia been so detrimental

Excessive environmental regulations and associated green tape has become a barrier to the establishment and growth of businesses that would have unquestionably benefited Australia.

It refers to environmental restrictions imposed by governments and environmental activists that can make it difficult for businesses to expand. Green tape has hampered and frequently prevented economic development in Australia, as well as businesses from engaging in certain types of business and capitalizing on new opportunities that could benefit Australia and its government.

This has increased investor and business frustration, with many believing that the excessive levels of regulation go far beyond protecting the environment from harm caused by industry or commercial development.

It is difficult to find anyone who does not believe that a more balanced approach to economic growth and environmental protection is required. Over the next 15 years, Australia must focus on eliminating wasteful government spending, weeding out politicians who do not have Australia’s best interests at heart, and openly welcome substantial investment through the formation of new businesses, which the government can feed off via taxes and will inevitably drive unemployment levels to zero, greatly reducing the burden of jobseeker payments on Australian taxpayers.

Many influential and well-respected business leaders have now changed their tone and believe that prioritising economic growth over environmental green tape during this upcoming period is the only way Australia will ever be able to claw its way out of debt.

The long-term goal of getting Australia out of debt is to have more money available to participate in inspiring green initiatives like greening the deserts. Failure of Australia’s government to increase revenue and pay off foreign debt will have negative consequences, so finding a happy medium is critical for long-term sustainability.

Careful Relaxation of Environmental regulations is the way forward.

Careful Relaxation of Environmental regulations is the way forward

There is absolutely no desire to harm Australia’s truly beautiful continent, and this must be stated unequivocally. Once carefully relaxed, as proposed in this article, environmental regulations have the potential to stimulate business growth and economic development while preventing Australia from collapsing financially.

Reduced effort and costs associated with complying with excessive green tape compliance requirements associated with current overly heavy regulations will promote business growth in Australia and, hopefully, get this country back into the manufacturing space.

Environmental damage and the inability to get in control pollution are legitimate global concerns. However, Australia, like many other countries, has gone overboard with their green policies and associated green tape.

Imagine going to work every day and being assigned around 200 extremely important tasks to complete by the end of the day.

All of these tasks have people waiting for you to complete them, and their financial situation/business feasibility is dependent on your ability to complete all of this work.

Unfortunately, you’re constantly failing to complete these tasks, which is stressing you out more and more every day, this is diminishing your health and is also:

1.     Ruining the lives of those who rely on you to do your job on time and in full.

2.    Preventing businesses from every getting past the concept or project phase.

3.    Preventing companies from even considering breaking ground in Australia.

You just wish your boss would either find the money to hire another 50 or so people to complete this work or put 80% of these tasks on hold until you’re able to complete them.

You can definitely see the value in those tasks, but you wish your boss would take a reality pill and extract his/her head from their backside.

Instead of opposing those who insist that these tasks be completed as soon as possible, your boss simply says yes to those who keep piling on more and more tasks, no matter what those tasks might involve.

These tasks will either:

1.     Never be completed, affecting hundreds of businesses who will be unable to move forwards with their intentions in Australia, or

2.    Will be rushed through and only partially completed, causing problems that are worse than what you started with.   I can think of one particular business in NSW that has been waiting 13 years for the green tape issues to go away and this is why manufacturing in NSW where natural gas is involved has seen the price of a packet of my much loved Twistees go through the roof.

This is sadly what I’ve been witnessing across Australia, with the thousands of excessive environmental regulations in play that may not even make sense; this is what companies are left trying to comply towards.   Businesses now need to employ a team of environmental engineers/advisors to try and make sense of the environmentally based mess that is passed off as green policy.   Some will persevere; others just simply turn their backs on Australia and take their business elsewhere.

Australia is now falling behind the rest of the world and in deep financial trouble, thanks to weak political parties that are afraid of being true to their foundations and losing a few votes by occasionally saying, ‘No,’

Australia now spends far too much time and money on green tape that simply:

1. Is about as useful environmentally as an ashtray on a motorcycle.

2. Ends up having little to do with environmental protection/conservation.

3. Will leave a once-prosperous country bankrupt and without electricity, and make any manufacturing process involving natural gas prohibitively expensive.   If not already, this may very well bring about a situation whereby no businessperson with even half a brain will ever think about manufacturing in Australia.

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