Immigration is a misery business

Immigration is a misery business in Australia.

immigration is a misery business in australia

The wonderful, amazing & truly inspirational Australian government appears to be careless and irrational in considering 325,000 new immigrants per year for the next two years. It’s almost as if they’re okay with the amount of misery that will result.

In addition to any immigrants our skilled politicians believe we require, we can expect 130,000 new born babies next year.

The number of newborns to be expected in Australia each year is 0.5% of our population, which is slightly more than half the global growth rate of 0.9%.

I have nothing against allowing people from all over the world to relocate here and enjoy the world’s highest electricity and natural gas rates. I also have nothing against babies because I’m pretty sure I was one once.

So why do I think Immigration in Australia is nothing more than a misery business?

Well, let’s look at the definitions of both misery and business:

1.     Misery is defined as a state or feeling of great physical or mental distress or discomfort.

2.    Business is defined as a person’s regular occupation, profession, or trade.

So, if people in the Australian government are planning to spend their working days inflicting regular feelings of physical or mental distress on others, I suppose it’s safe to say that they are in the misery business.

If our exceptionally talented politicians want to start a misery business in Australia, that’s their choice, and we all generally try to support new businesses.

Who knows, maybe a new Australian misery business wouldn’t be so bad?

After all, if our current 26 million inhabitants are all perfectly happy and healthy people living the dream in a country with no problems with affordable housing, then sure, let them do it.

Oh crap on a stick, I almost forgot!  

Australia in 2023 is nothing more than an out of control dumpster fire and we have no idea what to do about it.

Maybe I’m over exaggerating?  Well let’s just run though a checklist and double check on our status.

Do we have accommodation that is available and affordable to purchase.

Nope, there are little affordable options in the capital cities and the country area prices are going up all the time too.   It’ll be ok if you are an immigrant that has few lazy million dollars stashed away for a rainy day, you’ll be fine.   You won’t be able
to afford to get a loan in Australia due to the high interest rates but if you can buy a house with cash, you’ll have no troubles.

We’ve run into a major problem with building new houses in and around capital cities in Australia, we’ve run out of room.   We get some bulldozers and clear off a whole heap of new areas but then we have these pesky humans saying that destroying the habitats of endangered species is a bad thing. 

According to these crazy people, more than 99 percent of the four billion species that have evolved on Earth since the first hints of life appeared billions of years ago are now extinct. Surely that cannot be true, especially when these same humans are saying that we have caused the extinction of at least 900 species in the last 500 years.

Even if we have, isn’t that what humans do?  We get rid of all non human species?

Do we have accommodation that is available and affordable to rent?

Nope, Australia stopped building public housing and doesn’t seem to have any plans to make any more any time soon.   If you’re wondering why, well most people that should be winging about the public housing situation are people with large quantities of investment properties that need you to privately rent from them.  

A staggeringly high percentage of politicians, radio and TV hosts, and others have impressive real estate portfolios, and if we started building affordable public housing for those who desperately need it, we would be taking money directly out of their
pockets, which would make them sad.

If you want to rent, your only options will be in rural areas; forget about renting in the capital cities.

In fact, the best thing that could happen is for people to stop feeding the beast that is causing so much misery. If no one rents these overpriced houses, there will be less demand for their product, and prices will fall.

Furthermore, if you listen to AM freq talk back radio in one of the capital cities for a few hours, all you’ll hear is people complaining about living in the city. Nothing but how miserable and exorbitantly expensive it is to live there.

Rubbish Management & Recycling.

No, despite the fact that Australia has a political party that is ostensibly dedicated to environmental preservation, we bury all of our garbage. Yes, we appear to be fine with all that highly toxic leachate seeping into the earth and eventually entering the
ground water supply. Yes, that is a very green thing to do for a progressive first-world country isn’t it.

The average Australian puts 500kg of general waste in their wheelie bins each year.

This means that every year Australia is burying around 13 Million tonnes of rubbish into the ground every

You might also be interested to know that for every 1 Australian producing 500kg of rubbish per year there is 2.5 tonnes of rubbish created by those working in commercial, industrial, construction and demolition industries. 
I’ll let you do the math on that one, but I can give you the tip that it is not great.

We are unable to deal with the current amount of plastic we use, and our federal government is currently considering either sending it all to landfill or paying another country to deal with it for us. If only someone in Australia could invent some incredible technology to deal with plastic.

If only Australia had a political party that was completely focused on environmental issues and getting rid of horrible situations such as landfills.

Adequate quality sewage treatment works.

Nope, we’ve got raw sewage leaking into Sydney harbor due to our current aged and failing wastewater system.  Sydney water wants to stop this problem but people living in the Eastern Suburbs don’t want a pump station in their area. So we’ll just keep dumping everyone’s stool into the ocean.   Lots of yummy human stool for our struggling marine life populations to feed upon.  

No wonder so many sharks are in such a bad mood these days.

I guess that puts an end to my idea of underwater shark watching tours.   

I’d have to rename it to underwater stool watching tours.

I wonder if they’ve ever thought about doing something else with all sewage?

They may not be aware of technology that uses poop to make power.

Electricity Supply.

Nope, Australia is getting out of the electricity generation business and even if they weren’t nobody in Australia can afford electricity anyway.

It’s almost as if Australian politicians have contracted a nasty Energy Avoidance Virus.

If only this planet could have came up some advanced new technology for making electricity via nuclear, coal fired or gas?

Gas Supply.

Nope, cooking or heating using Natural Gas requires extracting methane gas from either shale formations or coal seams.   

We don’t like getting gas out of the ground any more.

If only there was a way of making a synthetic version of Natural Gas from either your poop, plastic or general rubbish?

Wood for construction of new homes.

Nope, we’ve got a worldwide lumber shortage and building and construction businesses in Australia are going out of business at an alarming rate.   Just about every week in Australia in 2023 we get to hear about another construction company going under.

We used to be able to make steel frame homes and that would have helped with the wood supply situation but as you’ll read below, we’re not allowed to make steel any more.

Steel for construction of homes.

Nope, making Steel requires Iron Ore and mining is required to obtain iron ore and we don’t like mining any more.

Nope, making Steel via blast furnaces requires Coal and we get that stuff from mining operations and that is not allowed any more.

Making Steel via electric arc furnaces requires electricity, lots of it and we no longer feel the need to generate electricity any more.

Aluminium for window frames

Nope, Aluminium is made out of Bauxite and to get that ore, you’ve got to do some mining and we all
hate mining now, so that’s a big No.  If our hate of mining isn’t bad enough in Australia, the processing of the Bauxite at Alumina Refineries requires electricity and as you may have heard about, Australia is exiting the Electricity Business.

The Alumina is then sent to Smelters that consume almost 1 gigawatts of electricity for every hour they operate and they tend to operate 24 hours per day.  So the process of Manufacturing Aluminium is definitely going to be banned.

Oh Yeh, I almost forget, there is a worldwide Aluminium shortage too.

Supply of vehicles that are bad for the environment

Partial Credit, we’ve got some new & second-hand carbon monoxide and diesel particulate producing vehicles but not many, we’ve having a bit of a crisis in this area at the moment.

Supply of vehicles that are good for the environment

Partial Credit No1, we’ve got some very heavily taxed electric vehicles available for sale but they are rather expensive and unfortunately they require electricity.   In case you’ve not been paying attention, Australia is getting out of the electricity generation business now, so unless you’ve got off grid solar panel/battery installations dedicated for charging these vehicles, probably give them a miss.

Partial Credit No2, Australia seems to be somewhat allergic to the idea of manufacturing bio-diesel.   Whereas we currently burn through 30 Billion litres of diesel every year, we only make 43 Million litres of 100% zero emission producing Bio-diesel from vegetable oil every year.   If you want a fun project to do today, just try and find a servo near you that sells even B20 (20% Bio/80% fossil diesel).   Good luck trying to find B100 or pure bio-diesel.

·        Imagine if we simply got every diesel engine vehicle in Australia running on B100?

·        Imagine if we built power stations using massive Wartsilla Diesel Engine Generators and run them on B100?

Partial Credit 3, Australia did for a while care about carbon monoxide pollution from internal combustion engine vehicles that ran on petrol.   The government actually sponsored people getting LPG conversations.  LPG is far too expensive to use now but imagine if there was a way of using the LPG setup in a car but running it on a synthetic gas that was made from processing your rubbish?  I wonder if that would be a very greenish idea. 

A car that runs on synthetic gas, that sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Would that help with achieving Net Zero?

What if we then take that one step further and use our very clever engineers to come up with practical solutions for converting unleaded engine vehicles into diesel engine vehicles and run them on B100 too?   Would that conversion be cheaper than a brand new Tesla? Yep, I reckon it would. 

Sometimes I wonder if Australian politicians actually care about Net Zero.   Maybe Net Zero is not what we think?

What’s the conclusion?

1.     Australia is a miserable place to live for anyone that is not a millionaire or richer, Australian politicians are nothing more than a political nightmare and the situation is about to get far worse.

2.    It would be rather cruel to invite people from outside of Australia to come and live here, at least until we get this dumpster fire of a country under control.

So yes, if our wonderful and highly intelligent politicians wish to bring in 325,000 immigrants each year that would indeed be the definition of being in ‘the misery business’.

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