Cheap and Clean Power from Poop

Creating Cheap & Clean Power from Poop

Poop power for the people

About 8 years ago, I read about a fascinating American dairy farm in Plymouth, Indiana, that had completely transformed their business by producing their own power from cow manure. They saw the big picture and realised the long-term benefits of investing in a biogas recovery system that would turn a somewhat smelly and messy daily reminder that they have nearly 3,500 cows into something that smelled a little more like money.

The funny thing was, they didn’t just end up making enough electricity to take care of their own needs; they ended up making enough to power 1,000 homes, and their local power company paid them well for their feed into the grid.

Their massive anaerobic digester uses heat to accelerate the decomposition of the 264,000 litres of poop, urine, and food waste.  The process produces methane gas and captures all the smell.

The methane is fed into the gas engine generators, which provide power. The benefits didn’t stop there; the foul-smelling goo that remained in the digesters was excellent fertiliser, which they used on their crops.

They recovered all of their costs in 5 years, and the last I heard about them, they were planning to build a second poop-to-power facility on their farm.

I remember thinking at the time, “Why don’t we have that in place at every single sewerage treatment facility on the planet?”   After all, we’ve got over 7 billion contributors, and that number is expected to rise by 1.1% per year.

Council Sewerage Treatment Plants can create clean & affordable electricity

Poop to Power Plants at your council

Finally, it appears that state and local governments, as well as some businesses, are reaping the benefits of wastewater and sewerage treatment by-products. As a result, there are now a plethora of sewage recovery solutions in use around the world, and poo power is unquestionably to the rescue.

Essentially, all of their variously named processes do the same thing: they recover sewerage sludge and ferment the organic matter to produce methane gas.

The methane gas is produced through thermal hydrolysis and anaerobic digestion.

Sewerage sludge and other types of wet organic waste are subjected to high temperatures and pressure during thermal hydrolysis.

Anaerobic digestion is the process by which bacteria break down organic matter and wastewater in the absence of oxygen, and it must be carried out at a temperature of at least 35 degrees Celsius to be most effective.

What Are the Advantages Offered By Poop-to-Power Plants?

Poo to Power Plants for cheap clean energy

When you think about it, converting sewerage and other sludge into methane gas to generate electricity should be a mandatory requirement for every sewerage treatment facility, especially in a country like Australia that is experiencing a severe energy crisis.

The cost of electricity in NSW is now so high that even households with solar panels are struggling to pay their bills due to a massive drop in feed in tariffs imposed by electricity retailers.

Imagine if every one of Australia’s 537 councils had Poo to Power plants in operation, constantly feeding the grid. Perhaps this would be enough to flood the grid with electricity 24 hours a day, seven days a week in Australia, forcing a significant reduction in electricity bills.

The methane produced by this process is just under 99% pure, and once these plants are operational at sewerage treatment facilities, everything is fully automated and can be controlled remotely. There are no chemicals involved, no additional water is required, and they are extremely dependable.

Another way of selling the idea of Poo to Power Plants is that they produce natural gas and in NSW Australia, which is now the most expensive place on the planet to pay for natural gas.

So imagine if Poo to Power plants at these 537 councils stored the gas, compressed it and then fed the gas transmission and distribution network and ended the gas shortage problems in Australia?

Innovative Solution for creating cheap clean energy for the whole world

poop power solution is here

Advances in sewerage treatment technology allow us to generate electricity from the processes of converting sewerage into usable energy. This is a low-cost method of generating electricity that could eventually power cities worldwide.

It also contributes to global emissions reductions by converting waste into an energy source. Furthermore, because it works at night, when it is raining, and when there is no wind, this type of sewage wastewater treatment process is more efficient than other alternatives.

There is an infinite supply of feed material for poo-to-power plants, and if the world’s population continues to rise year after year, it is actually a growing industry.

Poo to Power plants have the potential to be the most cost-effective and efficient renewable energy sources currently available.

We can make significant progress towards a more sustainable future by harnessing power from what we ate for lunch yesterday.

20 Ways to save on electricity costs in your home

20 ways to reduce electricity costs

The amount of energy used in each household is determined by a variety of factors.   This includes your local climate, as well as the age, size, and style of your home, as well as everything that runs on electricity in your home.

As much as we would all like to believe that electricity prices will fall in the near future, this does not appear to be a likely answer, either in the short or medium term.   As a result, we have no choice but to do everything we can to reduce our power consumption at home.   In light of this, you might be interested in this article about 20 ways to reduce our household’s electricity costs.   

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