The United State of Western Australia

Introducing the United State of Western Australia (USWA)

The united state of western australia

Via proposed plans to unify Australia into a single entity, the west coast of Australia will no longer be ignored by tourists or the business elite and become the home of Australian politics.

The formation of the United State of Western Australia will result in the consolidation of NSW, VIC, SA, NT, ACT, TAS, and QLD into the United State of Western Australia.

What we currently know as Australia will be referred to as USWA, Western Australia, or Australia once the much-anticipated transition is complete.

The West Australian government will take over federal control of Australia by no later than 25th June 2025.   The USWA president (whoever is the current WA premiere) will select the best and brightest politicians from the former Federal Government, States, and Territories to form government over 18 months.

Although all other state and territory governments will be absorbed by USWA, new provincial roles will be provided as local government/shire council management roles will be mostly replaced by experienced politicians who previously held Federal or State/Territory roles.

Former Federal, State, and Territory politicians and officials who are redeployed at the provincial level are expected to face significant pay cuts and superannuation benefit reductions.

The number of shire councils in the new USWA will be cut in half through significant merging processes, and the word Shire will be replaced with Province.

The good news about this solution is that it will put an end to corruption and mismanagement in local government.

The USWA will implement Federal Specifications for all essential services, and all employees within these services will be converted to Federal officers/agents/technicians, etc.

The roles of Australian Governor General and all State/Territory governors will be abolished, and any real estate associated with those roles will be sold, with the proceeds used to fund homelessness eradication in the new USWA.

There will be no more money wasted on huge overhead costs associated with USWA critical services staffing, engineering, or consultancy fees.

The days of each state, territory, or shire council reinventing the wheel every day by devising their own unique solutions for essential services are over.

The following are the top eight essential services that will be managed by USWA with a critical status:

1.     Police Services

2.    Hospitals, Medical & Health Services, Ambulance Services

3.    Water, waste & sewerage services

4.    Road, rail & airport services

5.    Education & training

6.    Gas extraction, distribution and retail

7.    Electricity generation, transmission & distribution

8.    Fuel production, distribution & retail.

Except for the current WA parliamentary properties, all other current Federal, State, and Territory parliamentary buildings will be converted into low-cost lodging motels managed by USWA.

All former Federal, State, and Territory-provided housing will be sold, with the proceeds going directly to the upgrade of rural hospitals.

The anticipated savings from the political role and asset restructuring should be sufficient to pay off USWA’s foreign and submarine debt in 11 years.

There will be wholesale changes to how electricity is managed and sold in the USWA, the USWA government will take over all functions associated with providing electricity, and construction of ten nuclear power plants will begin within three months of the finalisation of a new Federal Electricity Supply Act.

Any existing State/Territory government-funded ambassador-style roles that exist overseas will be immediately abolished, and those individuals will be offered provincial roles with significantly lower salaries and superannuation benefits.

Superhighways with eight lanes will connect Perth to Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, and Adelaide.

The current Australian Capital Territory (ACT) will be renamed Canberra Province, and Canberra will be renamed Canberra City.

The current Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) will be dissolved and replaced with special weather surveying windows (SWSW) installed on all Australian homes, with residents encouraged to open their SWSW’s and look outside to see if they need to bring an umbrella to work.

It is possible that one existing window in each home could be designated as the SWSW. The savings from dissolving the BOM will also be used to end homelessness in USWA.

The entire rail network in USWA will be upgraded to 450 km/hr rail standards. All USWA airports, whether city or country, will be upgraded to 24-hour operation and Boeing 777X capable.

Any airport in the United State of Western Australia that cannot operate 24 hours a day due to noise issues will be closed. Any real estate associated with any closed airports will be sold privately for the sole purpose of developing golf courses, with the proceeds used to upgrade other airports.

The entire USWA prison system will be transformed, with education and training, employment, and lifestyle changes being the primary focus for any incarcerated citizens. All prison-related costs are expected to be cut in half, with all savings reinvested in Emergency Services equipment and personnel.

Visit Western Australia today

Visit Western Australia today ok

Western Australia will soon be known for more than its breathtaking beaches, perfect weather, beautiful landscapes, world-class surfing, great white sharks, Rottnest Island, the cheapest natural gas in the world, whale watching, swimming with whale sharks, sunsets over the ocean, the best camping trips you can imagine, and the wonderful laid-back nature of its residents.


Australia will revert back to UK Management

Stop complaining about living in the big city and just leave

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