Suspected case of Sawtov Brain Flu

Suspected new case of the ancient Sawtov Brain Flu in Australia

Sawtov brain flu patient

It is extremely rare for any ancient prophecies to come to light, and when they do, they are never anything like what the ancient scrolls described. However, on March 9, 2023, shortly after 3 p.m. in Sydney, Australia (4 a.m. UTC), the first suspected case of Sawtov Brain Flu (SBF) was reported just 12 minutes walk from the Diamond Bay Reserve in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

The illness now known as Sawtov Brain Flu dates back to around 873 BC, with the only other suspected instance of this perplexing ailment being in 882 AD.

SBF attacks the left alignment of the frontal lobe, causing a partial greening of the affected area and typically impairing the ability of any person affected to structure sentences that non-affected humans can understand.

Sawtov Brain Flu Images

The first reported victim of SBF was apparently a young person named Teelkan Deedate, who was thought to be a distant relative of Greensen Ator.  Teelkan was a left-handed carpenter that when affected by SBF spent months walking around the municipality of Woollhara in NSW wearing a teal coloured shirt campaigning about the need for doctors to use leeches to treat a very rare disease called Clout that caused troubling amounts of verbal diarrhea.

Teelkan’s problem, aside from not making much sense to most people due to SBF, was that Leeches had become so expensive in NSW that no one, not even doctors, could afford them.

Even if Doctors in NSW could afford leeches, it is unlikely that any of the villagers could afford to pay for leech-based treatments, allowing the Doctors to recover costs and stay in business.  

Sadly, leech related costs in NSW would cause many doctors to go out of business and make it just about impossible for the most vulnerable, including the elderly to ever consider leech based Clout treatments during winter.

pensioners in australia

The leech supply problem was eventually traced back to a 69-year-old Narrabri-based leech farmer who had enough leeches to supply all of NSW for the next 35 years but had been denied a permit to sell his leeches for the previous 13 years due to his business beliefs. 

As you might expect, when poor old SBF-affected Teelkan began walking around the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney shouting out about Clout and leech based treatments via boisterous campaigning that made no sense to anyone, the whole situation became extremely confusing.

Teelkan’s SBF-afflicted ramblings were said to include a new revolutionary Clout cure that involved using a combination of wind and sun to treat affected people, but most patients complained that the only time they ever got a doctor appointment in NSW was at night when the Sun didn’t shine, and their appointments would somehow coincide when there was no noticeable wind blowing.

Although there is still no known cure for Sawtov Brain Flu to-date, 2 very effective treatments have emerged over the years that eases Clout sufferers pain.   

The most effective and simple cure involved pulverizing black or brown coal into a powder and then burning that coal in a boiler to heat water, creating steam, and then pass that steam through turbines at extremely high pressure. 

The resulting steam would then spin turbines connected to an electrical generator, and create electricity.

Electrodes plugged into that generator could then be used to treat the Clout affected areas.   

The great news with the coal burning based Clout treatment option was that there was 1.06 trillion tonnes of coal in the ground, so all Clout patients would be able to get very cheap treatments for at least the next 132 years.

The second option, which was by far the best treatment for Clout was absolutely amazing as it made the Clout affected area become invisible to the human eye within seconds of being applied.   

This method was known as the New Clear Clout Treatment and was invented by a cult following known to most people in this era as the Clean Energy Family.  

The Clean Energy Family cult were very well poised to become extremely wealthy over the coming years as there was around 40 Trillion tonnes of the main ingredient (You-rain-eeum) used for this cure buried in the ground.

The New Clear method had then and still has now the potential to treat Clout patients for the next 800 Million years (depending on You-rain-eeum usage).

To learn more about ancient ailments such as SBF & Clout and the much sought after scrolls detailing treatments such as the New Clear Method and other solutions provided via the Clean Energy Family Cult, here are the links

Scroll 1 – Please New Clear treat my Clout

Scroll 2 – Help Clout sufferers learn about bio fuels and clean energy

Scroll 3 – New Clear Clout treatments are destined for Australia

Scroll 4 – Cut up and recycle green tape to assist with Clout treatments.

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