Net Zero Agency Division 6

The Net Zero Agency Division 6 in Australia.

Gogeta6 ambassador craft

On February 16, 1946, the ‘actual’ first transparent meeting between Earth’s leaders (G13) and three ambassadors from the planet Gogeta took place. This meeting, which lasted four hours, was the planet’s first “Earth Summit.”

The 1946 Earth Summit was the first time these previously secret meetings with Goreta6 were made public to the world’s known leaders. This meeting was cleverly disguised as a scientific conference on climate change.

The true purpose of this meeting was to inform the G13 leaders about how much effort and money is expended each year to keep Earth’s population from discovering the existence of other civilisations throughout the universe.

The majority of the population has never been thought to be capable of dealing with discovering the truth, at least not till now. 

The goal of Net Zero was established.

earth summit and net zero goal

At the 1946 Earth Summit, world leaders agreed that even one instance of the truth leaking out was unacceptable, and a goal of Net Zero leaks was established.

It was a successful fundraising meeting that gave G13 leaders a way to fund Net Zero activities that would not attract negative attention.

The G13 leaders would learn how Gogeta ambassadors had been working with select secret government agencies on Earth since 1928, with mostly positive results. 

The Net Zero Agency was established February 18, 1946.

The Net Zero Agency

Following the successful Earth Summit, each of the 13 nations involved formed a branch of Government that would be known as the Net Zero Agency (NZA).   They had 2 main goals:

1.     Monitor any control any events involving suspected Non-Terran activity.

a.    In the event a visiting craft was spotted or landed at a unplanned location, NZA would immediately provide the world with breaking news that a horrifying climate change based situation was taking place that could potentially end the world.   It was all about getting peoples focus to zig instead of zag with a monumental distraction.

2.    Protect the secrecy of all Net Zero Agency activities on Earth.

Unfortunately, not all of Earth’s secret agencies were able to remain secret, and one of the main meeting venues in Nevada, USA, was sadly revealed in 1947.  Trucks that were moving wreckage from the crash site of a senior ambassador’s craft just outside of Roswell, New Mexico were followed by reporters.  The 2 reporters were not noticed in time and unfortunately discovered the former western entrance to meeting area No.51 that was also provided access to the areas on site that were used for research and development.

When meeting Area No.51 was revealed, a new meeting location was needed, and it was decided that the next meeting location should be in Australia. 

Net Zero Agency Division 6 was established near Narrabri, NSW, Australia

Net Zero Agency Division 6

Meeting area No.52 was built beneath the Pilliga Forest near Narrabri in New South Wales, Australia.

Once completed, this new secret underground meeting facility in Narrabri, Australia, became the home of the Net Zero Agency Division 6. (NZA6).

Protecting NZA6’s secrecy was assigned to two teams: Team Teal and Team Green.

It was decided that the best way to keep NZA6 secrets safe was for members of these two teams to enter both NSW State politics and Australian Federal politics, eventually assuming control of the state of NSW and, later, the entire country.

Net Zero Secrets were about to be exposed.

Net Zero Agency Division 6 location

Everything had been going swimmingly for decades, that is of course, up until the 17th of November, 2011.   

Unfortunately, agents from the Teal and Green groups were unable to prevent the sale of Pilliga forest land right on top of their underground base.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the company that bought the land was in the business of extracting methane gas from the ground by drilling up to 1,000 metres down into the ground.

Naturally, if this company’s drilling activities are not halted, they will come into contact with the NZA6 underground structure.

Net Zero Agency Top Secret 'Operation Santos’ was given the green light.

above top secret information

Operation Santos would be a full-fledged assault on preventing gas extraction operations in this area.

Teal and Green team agents took jobs at radio and television stations and enlisted the help of over 5,000 social media influencers to prevent any drilling activities above their headquarters.

They needed to turn people off the idea of using natural (methane) gas in manufacturing, cooking, heating, and power generation equipment.

This work had been extremely difficult for the last 13 years and it wasn’t getting any easier.   It now seemed impossible to make using Natural (Methane) Gas unappealing.

The most recent course of action in 2023 has been to make natural gas prohibitively expensive.   This has only resulted in hundreds of business closures and did nothing but strengthen the resolve of the targeted gas extraction company. 

Alternative Gas & Power Generation Solutions were revealed.

Poop to Power Plants at your council

If NZA6 was unable to halt all Narrabri area gas operations by removing this gas extraction company from the area, they would require a backup plan.

So the director of Net Zero Agency Division 6 began working with Gogeta scientists to develop new technology capable of producing methane gas such as, Biogas (methane) from Sewage Treatment.

The also worked with Earth based private companies to develop technology that could produce a synthetic alternative to methane (synthetic gas) from chemically recycling plastic or gasification of municipal solid waste

Advanced Nuclear Power technology was offered as an alternative.

Nuclear Power is destined for Australia

They even went so far as to collaborate with Earths most talented scientists to release new technology for generating power from small module nuclear reactors and advanced clean methods of coal-fired power generation.

Special Agents from Teal and Green teams were planted in other NSW state and Federal parties to try and promote Nuclear Technology in Australia but sadly, for some strange reason, Australians cannot seem to understand why Nuclear Power is the best option available to be clean and green.   Teal group agents have tried spreading harmful rumours about methane gas extraction processes but sadly, this has all been to no avail.

The end of the Net Zero Agency in Australia is possible.

the end of the net zero agency in australia

It is now only a matter of time before the Net Zero Agency Division 6 base is discovered and the town of Narrabri will turned upside down and will be invaded by UAP enthusiasts and alien hunting TV shows and YouTubers.


Poop to Power Plants at your council
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