The Reserve Environment Of Earth

What is the role of the Reserve Environment?

The Reserve Environment Of Earth

The Reserve Environment of Earth (REE) is the backup environmental policy bureau for our planet that is centrally managed by 16 of the world’s richest greengrocers, parsnip farmers, ice sculptors and semi-retired graffiti art critics.

Background Information on the REE and its previous format.

Also known as the Reverse Environment Group (REG), the REE formerly existed as the Better Profits Bureau (BPB), an organisation that fought against environmentally friendly businesses that were not concerned with yearly profits and provided support for larger businesses that needed to be profitable.

It was up to the BPB’s board to ensure that consumers were turned away from troublesome green businesses that the BPB had flagged.   They would file false complaints and spread negative news about the red-flagged businesses, ensuring their demise within a year of being identified.

The BPB was fairly successful in most countries where it operated.   One of the BPB’s little-known responsibilities was to prevent banks and other financial institutions from offering low-interest loans to any companies that threatened to destabilise the global economy by developing sources of free energy or zero emission fuels.

The world started to learn too much about the actions of the BPB in December 2020 and was forced to disband for 6 months whilst the leaders of the world’s top 5 polluters regrouped and developed a new plan for the future.

During the six-month hiatus, some small-scale and slightly similar organisations arose out of desperation as the world’s population began to learn the truth about the current state of their planet’s health.   It was exhausting to suppress this information, and most attempts to do so failed miserably.

Environmental Confusion Services (ECS) was a private consulting group that began during the BPB’s absence and was probably the most successful truth suppression and distortion organisation in the world.  The ECS secretly owned several solar and wind turbine power companies and was able to hilariously persuade most countries that this was the only acceptable power supply option, despite the fact that at their peak performance, they could only provide 8-11% of total power mix to the grids of the world.  The ECS were also able to virtually eliminate the production of 50% and 100% Bio-Diesel.

The Reserve Environment of Earth was established in May 2022.

formulation of the reserve environment of earth

When the REE formed on May 21, 2022, the board acted quickly to acquire a controlling interest in the ECS and began hiring its members as consultants.

Because of their incredible success, the REE board members are set to receive 37% pay raises in August 2023.   Their commitment to plundering the world into darkness and dismay over the last 15 months has been remarkable.   The financial backers of the REE could not be happier with the level of devastation the REE has caused in such a short period of time; their destructive efforts across such a broad range of human essential requirements are unprecedented in world history.

The main 7 reasons for the Reserve Environment of Earth are:

1.     To provide shadow environmental policy and set the annual ‘level of natural disaster‘ rate in order to meet global inflationary pollution and carbon emission rates targets.

2.    To maintain a high level of spending on systems and practises that are approved by the majority of the world’s richest 1% of the top 1%, banks and other financial institutions are reliant on the constant contamination of the earth’s resources.

3.    To ensure that the world never learns of cutting-edge advanced nuclear power technologies that could cut global electricity costs by at least 50%.

4.    To select a yearly group of 5,000 green political activists who are well-funded and lack common sense.

5.    To reduce the global standard for all levels of education on energy production, vehicle power, bushfire prevention, drought avoidance, and the establishment of healthy rich soil by 8% each year.

6.    To manage the world’s economy in the shadows while maintaining a high level of homelessness, poverty, stress, bankruptcy, and small business devastation.

7.    To provide destabilising anti-green initiatives and reverse environmental services in order to ensure the REE’s continued existence.

The REE is releasing doctrine, which might define the world's future.

the future of the world is already decided

Concerned about the possibility of corruption contaminating REE policy, they have spent 285 billion dollars developing the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence, which they have dubbed ‘The Wise Voice’ (TWV).

The software coding used to create The Wise Voice is un-editable, ensuring that REE doctrine is carried out globally for the next 100 years.   The TWV will also serve as a global AI voice for environmental truth suppression agencies and certain industries.   It will provide those with access to its supreme power with everything they need to ensure that the REE policies and procedures are followed fully and precisely.

The Wise Voice will also constantly scan the internet for any information submitted that suggests any scientists are on the verge of developing sources of free energy.  TWV will then immediately initiate actions to ensure not only that this information is deleted and discredited, but also create humorous stories on social media about those particular scientists need to cut back on their daily dose of ‘Whacky Tobaccy’ and ‘Lay off the sauce’.

a)    The REE’s 100-year plan for Earth starts on October 18, 2023, and includes, but is not limited to:

b)   Ensure climate change remains unchanged.

c)    Promote how loss of biodiversity will actually benefit air quality on all mainstream social media platforms.

d)   Discredit any human who claims that industrial pollution threatens the survival of endangered species and ecosystems, and support science that will increase the frequency and intensity of natural disasters and extreme weather.

e)   Prevent any changes in land and sea use by industry; ensure steady rates of deforestation, urban sprawl, cropland expansion and overfishing of the oceans via Supertrawlers.

f)    Provide financial support companies that have annual targets for the exploitation of all natural resources, such as fossil fuels, minerals, timber, and wildlife.

g)   Maintain consistent increases in global warming, pollution, soil erosion, and water scarcity, suppress and, if possible, eliminate any science or technology that threatens these increases.

h)   Allow for continuous rates of pollution from various sources, such as industrial waste, agricultural runoff, plastic rubbish, landfills, oil spills, and anything else that is certain to contaminate the air, water, and soil.

i)     Continue to discredit the existence of extraterrestrial humanoid life to alleviate concerns about future alien species invasion.   Ensure any alien power generation technology that is acquired from crash sites is either destroyed or hidden from Earths population.

j)    Continue to infiltrate the world’s education systems and prevent teaching of systems or actions that would threaten industry disruption to the balance of native ecosystems.

What can you do to help?

contribute to the future of our world

If you or someone you know has been affected by bad environmental decisions by people that should care a heck of a lot more, make sure you contribute to your country the next time you have the opportunity to decide on our future.  

Equally important, if you know people who refrain from contributing or consistently cast donkey contributions, get them involved in a positive tone and encourage them to express a thoughtful and honest voice in this world through one of the most effective mechanisms we have.

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