Nuclear Friendly Brain Training

Nuclear Friendly Brain Training For Pollies.

Nuclear Friendly Brain Training Classroom

Nuclear Friendly Pollie Training courses will soon hopefully be rolled out as online packages.

These courses are specially designed to help pollies that might be struggling with the concept of Nuclear Power and course graduates will be awarded with 4 humanity based certificates:

1.    Rational Thinking Human, Level 1

2.    Nuclear Friendly Human, Level 1

3.    Nuclear Power Support and Advocacy, Level 1.

4.    Using Quantum Computers to Develop Ultra-Advanced Nuclear Fission and Fusion Power Technologies.

Course graduates will be sent back into society mentally equipped to support and advocate for the use and development of nuclear power as an energy source in their home towns.

There are two levels of post graduate courses being considered that will allow for:

A.   State wide support and advocacy of Nuclear Power, Level 2 Certificate.

B.   National support and advocacy of Nuclear Power, Level 3 Certificate.

Both Level 2 and 3 Nuclear Power Support & Advocacy Courses will also include additional training with Rational Thinking and Nuclear Friendly Human Development.

Although yet to be finalised, the course outline will include:

M1: How to support nuclear power as part of an energy mix.

Nuclear friendly pollies will be able to help others understand why cheap, clean and reliable 24 hours per day nuclear power should be part of a diversified energy portfolio, alongside other sensible 24/7 power generation options such as High Efficiency Low Emissions (HELE) coal fired power plants and combined cycle gas fired power stations.

M2: Promote the benefits of Nuclear Energy.

Pollies that graduate this module will be qualified to highlight the hundreds of benefits of nuclear power, such as near zero carbon emissions, superb reliability as a baseload power source, and its ability to generate large amounts of electricity 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with a relatively small physical footprint.

M3: Advocate For The Development Of Advanced Nuclear Technologies: Course graduates will be able to immediately start advocating for increased levels of research and development of advanced nuclear reactor designs, such as small modular reactors (SMRs), Generation IV reactors and even fusion reactors.  All of which are coming soon to help improve the overall safety, efficiency and spent fuel management options such as pyrochemical processing/recycling.

M4: Highlight Nuclear Safety and Security Measures.

Once pollies have successfully completed this module, they will be qualified to start emphasising the extensive safety measures, regulatory frameworks, and security protocols that are already in place to ensure the safe operation of nuclear power plants and the responsible management of nuclear materials.

M5: Address Concerns About Spent Nuclear Fuel.

This module is by far the largest and it is expected it will take 4 weeks to complete.   Once course participants have completed this module that will be able to address concerns people might have about the management of spent nuclear reactor fuel.

They will be able to advise other rational thinking humans that all potential risks associated with spent fuel may not actually be as bad as what some yet-to-be rational thinking humans are suggesting.

Pollies with this accreditation will be able to explain that Nuclear Fission Power Generation companies actually employ some very clever people and these people are continuously improving the ways that spent fuel can be responsibly managed. 

They will be able to explain whether spent fuel will end up as actual waste or whether it will be pyrochemically reprocessed or recycled for use in Fast Neutron Nuclear Fission Reactors.

Fast neutron reactors, also known as fast breeder reactors (FBRs), have the ability to utilise spent nuclear fuel from conventional thermal reactors as a fuel source through a process called pyroprocessing or pyrochemical reprocessing.

In conventional thermal reactors, such as light water reactors (LWRs), only a small fraction of the potential energy in the nuclear fuel is utilised before the fuel needs to be replaced. The spent fuel still contains significant amounts of fissile materials like plutonium and other actinides.

Pyroprocessing is a non-aqueous method of separating and recovering these fissile materials from the spent fuel.   It involves the use of molten salts or molten metals at high temperatures to dissolve and separate the various components of the spent fuel, including uranium, plutonium, and other actinides.

The recovered fissile materials, particularly plutonium, can then be used as fuel in fast neutron reactors.  These reactors operate with a different neutron spectrum, using fast neutrons instead of thermal neutrons, which allows them to effectively utilise the plutonium and other actinides as fuel.

By using spent fuel from thermal reactors as a fuel source, fast neutron nuclear fission reactors can significantly extend the utilisation of nuclear resources and reduce the amount of long-lived radioactive spent fuel that needs to be disposed of as waste.

This process of pyroprocessing and utilising spent fuel in fast reactors is part of the concept of a closed nuclear fuel cycle, where the valuable fissile materials are recycled and reused, maximizing the energy extracted from the original uranium resources.

M6: Support The Nuclear Power Industry And Workforce.

Course graduates that embrace this module will be able to successfully advocate for better policies and initiatives that support the nuclear industry.  They will be able to teach others how to promote nuclear power generation education and training programs, and encourage the development of a skilled nuclear power generation workforce.

M7: How To Remove Nuclear Moratoriums From Existence.

This is quite possibly the most important module for a pollie to fully understand.   A nuclear moratorium is an extremely unfortunate but also temporary prohibition or ban on certain nuclear activities.

Sometimes when countries lose their way in life and make a bad decision or two, we need to spend time undoing problematic decisions such as nuclear moratorium.  

Having one in place is certainly not the end of the world, they typically relate to nuclear power or nuclear weapons but in some less educated countries they may refer to policies or legislation that imposes restrictions or a ban on the development or use of nuclear power plants for electricity generation.

Course graduates will be able to educate people on how to remove or lift any unfortunate nuclear moratoriums that may exist in your area and that they need to instigate the following steps:

Legislative action: If your area has had moratorium established through legislation or an act of parliament, the government needs to introduce and pass new legislation to amend or repeal the existing laws that impose the moratorium.

Policy change: If the moratorium in your area has been based on government policies or regulations, the relevant government body or ministry (such as Energy or Environment) would need to review and change the existing policies to allow for the development of nuclear power.

Public consultation: Given the how people in your area will no doubt be very upset that a nuclear moratorium is in place, the government may choose to conduct public consultations and explain why they made a mistake by putting a nuclear moratorium in place.  They may also choose to complete this course and they will be able to go directly back to work and lift the moratorium immediately.

Regulatory framework: Once pollies have all completed this course, they will naturally remove and nuclear moratoriums in their areas.  Once they do this, they will naturally establish comprehensive regulatory framework for the safe and secure development, construction, and operation of nuclear power plants, including licensing procedures, safety standards, and waste management protocols.

International cooperation: Prior to releasing your first purchase order for building of an Advanced Nuclear Power Station in your area, you may also take advantage of any tips and tricks from international organizations, such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), to ensure compliance with international treaties, conventions, and best practices related to nuclear power.

Proposed Nuclear Power Generation Institutes & Educational Programs.

Once pollies have all completed this course, they will almost certainly wish to spread the joy that is associated with reliable baseload electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days per week this is possible via Nuclear Power.

Below are some possible new Nuclear Friendly Groups, Institutions, Laboratories or Educations Programs that will hopefully be established in our area soon.

1)    Nuclear Power Embracement & Admiration Laboratory (NPEAL). 

2)   Reliable Nuclear Fission Energy Appreciation Society (RNFEAS).

3)   Local Nuclear Power Generation Advocacy Council (LNPGAC).

4)   Rational Thinkers Nuclear Energy Association (RTNEA).

5)   Advanced Nuclear Power Technology International Association Of Level Minded People (ANPTIAOLMP).

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