The Red Feather Elite Org

The Secret Red Feather Elite Organisation

The Red Feather Elite Organisation

Dan worked as an agent for the Net Zero Agency for 15 years, but two gunshot wounds on the same day forced him to retire early.   Dan was never hurt in the line of duty; he was unfortunately shot when on holidays in California.  

Dan was out for his morning jog when he found himself jogging between two schools on opposite sides of the street. Both schools were conducting routine rapid fire weapon testing sessions when a stray bullet from both schools lodged itself in Dan’s legs.

After 12 months of rehabilitation, Dan was able to return to the workforce.   However, he no longer desired to work for the Net Zero Agency and decided to quit.   Over the next 3 years he tried to find his next career by working at a number of different jobs including a Power Station, a Sewage Treatment Plant and even got a recurring role on a TV Show.

No matter what job Dan tried, he could not find happiness at work and he had no idea what was wrong with him.  He began to feel as useless as an Emerald Class Sydney Ferry.   Dan began to doubt his ability to be happy again, and to make matters worse, after walking his dog in the park one morning, he returned home to find himself covered in Ticks.

After getting all of the Ticks removed from his body, he sat on the couch staring at a TV that wasn’t turned on, wondering what the heck he was going to do.   Dan’s rent for this house has increased four times in the last year, his power bills have doubled, and he had to have his gas disconnected because he couldn’t afford it. Dan was in a bad mental state and in desperate need of some good fortune.   Then there was a knock at the door.

Dan is about to learn of the Red Feather Elite Organisation.

agent 23 and the RFE

Standing on the front porch was a casually dressed man with a noticeable red feather on his jacket.

Dan would discover that this man was agent 23 and that he worked for the Red Feather Elite (RFE), a global organisation.

Dan would discover that the RFE is a politically and economically driven organisation system determined to own all property on Earth and eventually take over the world. Agent 23 explained that when you join the RFE, you contribute and receive based on your ability and needs. When the RFE acquires private property and takes over businesses, those assets become part of a collective public ownership, with overarching communal control and only one leader.

Dan says to Agent 23, “You guys sound a lot like a communist group”.  Agent 23 denied this suggestion, saying that nothing could be further from the truth, “We’re just a very left wing socialist organisation with world dominance aspirations, that’s all”.

That put Dan at ease; he had assumed that socialist theory would be a long way from communism.

So Dan says to Agent 23, “How can I help?”

Dan then completed a 12-month intensive RFE agent training programme and was then asked to enter politics. 

Dan would eventually rise to become the leader of his state.

Red Feather Elite Agents are the protectors of the Sacred Red Budgies.

RFE agents are protectors of the Red Budgie

Since 1979, the RFE had secretly bred Red Budgies, which were truly amazing creatures. They could not only communicate but also had extremely powerful extrasensory perception (ESP).

Red Budgies were thought to have been introduced to Earth by a visiting Alien species, and that someone had simply left the cage door open one day.

Tony, a young 16 year boy in Australia, was the first known person to encounter and capture a Red Budgie. The Red Budgie took over Tony’s mind, and he became the foundation upon which the Red Feather Elite Organization was built.

The Red Budgies have firm plans to take complete control of Earth by 2050 and will go to any length to achieve this goal. The RFE had spread throughout China, Cuba, Laos, Vietnam, and North Korea.

The RFE was very eager to gain control of areas in north of Asia bordering the Artic Ocean between Eastern Europe and the North Pacific Ocean. They were also well on their way to taking over Australia, and by April 2023, they had taken over at the federal level and controlled 86% of its state government functions.

All Red Feather Elite Agents would meet in China 2023.

The world RFE leaders meet

With China being the 2nd richest country in the world and with largest population, the Red Budgies decided to gather all State & Federal leaders they had in power around the world.

The RFE agents (including Dan and Agent 23) would travel to China in complete secrecy to meet with all other RFE leaders. It was here that they would all learn that the Red Budgies had stepped up their plans to take over the world and now desired complete control by 2030.

The Red Budgies needed inhabitants of the world to need saving, so their plans were to decimate the world economy and force it into recession.   At the same time, they wanted the world to be without power, natural gas and fuel for their internal combustion engine vehicles.  

Each RFE agent was given ‘eyes only’ orders for what they needed to do at each of their respective states, territories, or federal government authorities. Within weeks, they had forced OPEC to cut oil production, the world was on the verge of a recession, and their scientists had created viruses that caused humans to despise both electricity and natural gas.   

They were also told to suppress any technologies that could generate electricity in a clean and green way, such as any new advanced nuclear power technology, methods of turning sewage into power and especially any tech that might create bio diesel, or power from chemically recycling plastic or gasification of garbage.

A group of rebels banded together to defeat The Red Feather Elite.

The liberal thinking party-1

On April 3rd, 2023, an Australian Warrior Princess named Peta terrorised the Red Budgies. She spoke out on the global radio network about the Red Budgies’ existence and their plans for world dominance, explaining what was going on and how they were doing it. She also informed the public about the Red Feather Elite Organization and their highly trained agents.

The world would also learn that the Net Zero Agency was nothing more than a front for the RFE.

She informed Earth’s inhabitants that her organisation, The Liberal Thinking Party, was developing plans to combat the Red Budgies and RFE, and that they hoped to have enough fully trained agents on the ground by Saturday, May 21, 2026, to begin reclaiming the world, one state, territory, or federal authority at a time.

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