Explaining the healthisrock website

Desertification from increased levels of land clearing

Explaining the Healthisrock Website

The healthisrock website - Environmental Issues

Section 1 – Why does the Healthisrock Website Exist?



 To begin, I simply need to say to Elon and Jeff, “Guys, I totally get it, let’s just get in a rocket ship and go far away.”

Goldilocks Planet for Sale, One Owner, needs a little work.

Goldilocks Planet For Sale - Environmental Concerns

I use Healthisrock to try to describe this planet and all the damage we’ve done to it as if it were for sale. 

In this scenario, I’m a real estate agent tasked with unenviable job of trying to explain why it’s listed so cheap.

After all, any interstellar buyer with a reasonable level of intelligence would surely regard Earth as a goldilocks planet, expecting it to sell for much more than it is currently listed for.

At this point, you would get on a forklift and deliver the 3 tonnes of documentation outlining all of the repairs that need to be done to this planet, all with cost estimates +/- 10%.   If you are able to persuade a buyer to spend several months wading through all that information, you can bet the first thing they will say to you is, “Why would you Humans do this?”   “I have no bloody idea; it must have just seemed like a good idea at the time.” I would reply.

How do you sell the unsellable Real Estate listing?

How to sell the unsellable real estate listing - Environmental Problems

There’s little doubt in my mind that you wouldn’t actually be able to actually sell it.   A more realistic outcome is that we would put a sign out on the front of Earth, that read, ‘Free to a good home’.  Even then, you’d probably have to sweeten the deal in some way.  It would be like purchasing a used car that had so many flaws that it would cost 50 times what it was worth new to make it compliant with all current regulations.


Until recently, I hoped Elon would have enough money soon to buy the planet himself, but while that may happen, I don’t think he’d be interested now. Even if he did purchase this rock and then fire the current management teams in each country, there aren’t many outstanding candidates to replace them with. So, what’s the point? As I stated at the outset of this article, I completely understand why Elon and Jeff are focusing on their own methods of escaping this troubled planet.

Every Tuesday at 7pm, the adventures of Earth on TV.

Earth Environmental Issues - TV Show

If Earth’s adventures were a popular intergalactic TV show, I believe even the most grumpy species would smile and even have a decent chuckle at how we go about our business.


The way we just keep doing the same things day after day, hoping that the problems we experienced yesterday will magically disappear overnight, would make for very entertaining viewing.

What makes Earth Management adventures so funny?

Humans are funny - Environmental Challenges Ahead

I liken the way we manage our planet to the same way Sydney truck drivers approach attempting to drive through a tunnel.   There is a height limit for any vehicle attempting to enter the tunnel (makes sense doesn’t it?).   So what the tunnel operators do is make sure there is a disaster prevention system in place.

Any vehicle approaching the tunnel that triggers the height limit indicators will cause the tunnel to be closed off, better to hold up the traffic than smash the tunnel.

Every day, around half a dozen trucks that are too high, cause the tunnels to be blocked off.   The humans in charge make a lot of noise about it, they issue fines and make stern warnings about what will happen if these drivers continue to ignore checking their height prior to entering the tunnels.

You cannot tell anyone in Australia what to do.

Then it just keeps going on and on.   Just like you cannot tell Australia what to do when it comes to switching to Nuclear Power you cannot tell these Truck drivers what to do with the height of their trucks.


So you end up in this circular reference, ‘don’t do this or else’, they do it, ‘don’t do this or else’, they do it.  Humans are so adorably funny.

Section 2 – The Home Page of the Healthisrock Website.

We need to fix this planet soon - Environmental Issues

When I put together the home page of this website, I didn’t see the point in browbeating Earth’s inhabitants with all of the problems in a ‘matter of fact’ manner. 

Instead, I figured I’d just have fun mocking all humans as much as I could and, in the process, slip in a few bits of information relating to how great of a job they’ve done destroying this once lovely planet.

Hollywood has tried many times to show how stupid people on this planet are when it comes to looking after their home.   It’s always the same story, one very smart human works out that as a result of all the harm we’ve done, unless we do ‘XWY’ action now, the world is going to end.

Then that person will be mocked for being ridiculous, and they will claim that even if it were true, their economies could not afford to do anything about it. The wise human will tell them that if they do not take the actions he has prescribed now, there will be no planet to argue about. As that smart human’s prediction comes true, the smart human is eventually embraced.

They have the opportunity to fix a few things, but not all of them; most bad things continue to happen, but the planet survives. They rise from the ashes and declare that they have learned from their mistakes and will never allow such things to happen again.

Yep, I think Hollywood must have made at least 20 movies of this nature but still we continue on doing what we do.


This is how the home page gets broken down:

1.  Being Human is Awesome, isn’t it?

In this section it will be obvious that most other planets are still not aware of how stupid humans typically are.  Across the universe humans are categorised in 2 ways:

a.    BOSS – Beings of Supreme Significance

b.    PUSS – Primary Unparalleled Supreme Species

 2.  We’re like a kid with an ant farm

a.    I think from the heading you’ll be able to work out the content of this section.

3.    Maybe we should have taken out Full Comprehensive Planet Insurance?

a.     My best guess at the cost to fix the planet is 55 Trillion dollars

b.    Given that Elon doesn’t have 55 Trillion yet, I came up with 10 cost saving ideas to raise the money.

4.    If our mission was to destroy this planet, we should be extremely proud!

a.    Be sure to watch the short video

5.    Something smells wrong with the ‘Constitutional Rights Across Planet’ (CRAP)

6.    The ‘Scope Of Retrospective Rectification Yardsticks‘ (SORRY)

a.    The Top 5 SORRY’s being developed by Humans


7.  It is either us or the planet, isn’t it?

Section 3 - The ‘Loads Of Rubbish’ Page of the healthisrock website

We can create fuel and power from rubbish

Ever increasing population, growing economies and urbanization are causing more garbage worldwide than we can handle. In the coming years, it will get worse.

Suitably titled, “What a load of Rubbish

This page will really open up your eyes to just how bad the problem with rubbish is worldwide and if you’re like me, you’ll be so very frustrated that we’ve had a couple of amazing solutions for dealing with your rubbish available to us for years but we chose to ignore them.


a.    Our ever increasing population is not helping

2.    We can do a lot better with our recycling

3.    Processing your recyclables is difficult & expensive but necessary.

4.    Sweden knows what to do with their Rubbish (they make it look easy)

5.    We are still in the Dark Ages when it comes to Rubbish Management

6.    Australia is home to many smart people but it’s also covered in Open Air Landfills.

7.    We should be embracing Licella and their CAT HTR Technology

a.    Mura is a company that is trying to heal the planet

8.    Sierra Energy is trying their best to help via their FastOx Gasification

a.    It helps when your CEO is Mike Hart

b.    The Fastox Gasification process should be in place at every town on this planet

9.    No matter how good the ideas are, you cannot tell Australia what to do.

a.    Sometimes I’m extremely embarrassed to be an Australian.

10.            The Synthetic Gas (syngas) FastOx Gasification produces could replace the need for methane (Natural Gas). 

a.    We could be powering this planet by processing our rubbish.   The good news on this subject is that over the years we have buried billions of tonnes of rubbish, all we need to do, is dig up all that rubbish and process it to power the planet.

11.  Syngas from your rubbish could be powering wartsila gas fired power plants

a.    Syngas could also be used to fuel Gas Turbines, General Electric now make 600MW GT’s.  4 of those units replaces the Bayswater Power Station easily and all that gas could come from FastOx Gasification of your rubbish.  Sierra Engery’s Gasification technology is far better than the historic attempts to do this.  You need to read up on their process.

12. Why do we spend so much money on ‘Waste to Energy’ plants?

a.    General incineration of our rubbish was never going to be a good idea was it?

13. Why not just avoid making rubbish instead? Or is that too obvious?

a.    The US Company called FOOTPRINT seems to have got it all worked out, we really need to support them.

14.             Make a few small changes in your daily routine to reduce the rubbish you create.

a.    When you watch some of the YouTube videos that are available about how easy it is to ‘Not Make Rubbish’, you’ll be left wondering, why haven’t we all been doing this for years!

Section 4 - The ‘Dirt And Water’ Page of the healthisrock Website

the last remaining tree due to desertification of land

We cannot blame our ancestors

Humans had no idea hundreds of years ago how much harm they were doing to the planet through their land clearing practices and the various ways they used the land once it had been cleared of all living things. However, the scale back then was so small; it was hardly troubling to the planet.   Even if one country discovered a good idea for how to best manage the land, how would they inform the other countries?  

All the information we need is at our fingertips

Nowadays, almost every human shares everything they do on the internet in hundreds of different ways. Everything good that our Earth-bound scientists discover is shared almost instantly, and we have access to everything we need to know. So, what’s our excuse for failing to properly care for the planet? Even though we are fully aware of the damage we are causing by depleting the planet’s healthy soil, the rate at which we are clearing land has never been higher. The rate of desertification is so rapid that it is now predicted that there will be no healthy rich soil left on the planet in 60 years.

If only Humans knew how to use their brains

You would think that this would cause humans to sit back and have a think about what they are doing and why, work out what they need to do differently and then just do that.   You can’t tell humans what to do, so instead of addressing the root cause of the problem and asking, “Why are we stripping away this planet at this rate?” We just hope that when we wake up tomorrow, all of our problems will be gone.

Flooding and Drought simultaneously

Although, at the time of writing, many areas of the world have been subjected to flooding on a previously unimaginable scale, it just never rains enough in the places that need it the most, unfortunately.

With so many people in the world lacking access to safe drinking water, it is critical that we recognize the importance of healthy soil, how it relates to the water cycle and the absolute need for zero discharge desalination plants.


a.    Imagine being extremely thirsty on a blistering hot day but not a drop of water in sight.

2.    Healthy soil means healthy people and a healthy planet

3.    The relentless ongoing desertification of our planet

4.    The Water Cycle is quite possibly the most important thing on this planet.

5.    Say Hello to Agriculture Folks, we could be a little better in this area.

6.    Can we make the deserts green? Yes, it does appear to be a reality!


7.    Desalination plants to the rescue! The related technology has improved immensely.

Section 5 – The No Animals Here Page of the healthisrock Website

What happens when all other species on the planet are gone?


Given how quickly Humans have wiped out so many other species from the face of this planet, whether those species be land or water based.   I can only ever come up with 2 possible reasons:

1.     Humans just really hate every other living thing and enjoy killing them

2.    Humans are being forced to cleanse this planet of all non-human species.

So, with this page, I’ve combined a little ‘tongue in cheek’ and a little ‘sarcasm’ with a little data to try and open people’s minds to how incredibly stupid we have been and continue to be.

As with the majority of my website, the 2 main themes are repeated, humans are stupid and you cannot tell them what to do.

1.     If Humans are supposed to get rid of all other species, why do some disagree?

2.    Are humans being forced to meet quotas for eradicating other species on a yearly basis?

3.    Marine Species obliteration by Humans is 100% on track

4.    We should all praise the hardworking men and women in the whaling industry

5.    Allow me to introduce the ‘Target Endangered Species Technique’ (TEST).

6.    For Humans to feel at ease, eliminating all Apex Species from this planet is essential.


7.    Shark Fin Soup anyone? Why not? Humans can do whatever they want.

Section 6 - No Trees Please Page of the healthisrock website

Excessive Land Clearing Practices

When you examine the zeal with which we removed trees from the ground as quickly as we did and still do, it’s easy to believe that our ancestors despised them.

Do Humans hate trees?


2.    Humans are addicted to Land clearing & they should seek help

3.    Healthy forests are essential for a healthy planet.

4.    Farmers can grow Fertilizer trees to improve their crops.

5.    Using more wood means planting more trees.

6.    Steel Frame homes should be prioritised in new home construction.

7.    We must reverse current trends in land clearing and tree removal.


8.    The worldwide lumber shortage is a huge problem for everyone

Section 7 – The Please Nuke Me Page of the healthisrock Website

Switch to Nuclear Power Today - Cheap Clean Power

There’s a lot to be thrilled about with all the new tech with nuclear power, transforming nuclear waste into fuel, and even fuelling new reactors with old waste.

It’s almost impossible to ignore the fact that we all need to remove our heads from the place where the sun does not shine and accept the fact this page makes that if we truly care about the environment, we need to switch to the new and advanced nuclear power technology and the idea of the small modular reactors is very appealing too.

1.     We desperately need Nuclear Power Stations today.

2.    Advanced Nuclear Power tech is the way forward

3.    We call it nuclear waste but is it really waste?

4.    Introducing the Amazing New Nuclear Power Technologies

5.    It seems that we have the solutions available now

6.    Canada is leading the way forward, why don’t we just copy them?

7.    Pyrochemical Processing of Nuclear Waste (Recycling)

8.    We must be open to considering all options on the table

Section 8 - The Ocean War Page of the healthisrock Website

Humans are at war with Marine Species - All of them

Humans want to eat seafood all day, every day of the year, and nothing should get in the way of them being happy and killing any marine species for whatever reason they come up with.

1.     The Ocean War Continues

2.    Why are other species saying that Humans should stop eating Fish?

3.    Humans love Super Trawlers, the bigger the better.

4.    It doesn’t matter about what happens once all the fish are gone, does it?

5.    Conspiracy theorists now argue that removing all fish from the oceans would be bad.

6.    Death and destruction via super trawlers is important to Humans.

7.    If only Humans could make bigger Super Trawlers.

8.    Super trawlers are doing an excellent job of cleaning up the ocean floor.

9.    It is not the fault of humans that marine life is so easily destroyed.

10. Fish need to ‘harden up’ and fight back if they want to win the war.

11.  Pirates don’t always want to be all Pirate’y and naughty

a.    People who have no drinking water, fish, good soil, or hope appear to get upset.

b.    Do everyone on this planet a favour and stop eating fish today!

Section 9 - The Environmental Blog on the healthisrock Website

Environmental Blog - Fixing the Environment

The Blog Articles available thus far are:

1.       Understanding the meaning of being WOKE

2.       Help Australia learn about Bio Fuels and Clean Energy

3.       The development of Tamworth mega city

4.       Addressing environmental issues


6.       Free up all the money required to be green

7.       Busy Bees are the bees knees & we need more

8.       Liquefied Synthetic Gas and petroleum gas

Liquefied Synthetic Gas and petroleum gas – Heal This Rock

Imagine if we could all drive around in automobiles that were powered by the garbage that is ruining this planet?


Busy Bees are the bee’s knees & we need more – Heal This Rock

Bees are important for human and environmental health. Bees are crucial pollinators; their honey is yummy and has medicinal advantages.


Free up all the money required to be green – Heal This Rock

Investigating the environmental benefits of removing local governments/shire councils and transferring all responsibilities to the state government.



Could we keep our country going at night if we won’t embrace nuclear & continue to hate coal-fired power? What if 2.8M homes produce 4.2GWh whilst we slept?


Addressing environmental issues – Heal This Rock

Today is the best day to start working towards environmental improvements & to demand more from our governments & world leaders in order to heal the planet.


The development of Tamworth mega city – Heal This Rock

Tamworth will require significant development and investment to become Australia’s first Mega City as it will be a massive undertaking on many levels.

Even if they don’t select Tamworth as the location, one thing for sure is that it needs to be inland, we simply need to stop destroying the coastline.


Help Australia learn about Bio Fuels and Clean Energy

Australians are great at sports and drinking beer, but they don’t understand bio-fuels and cheap clean energy, they need your help to figure it out.


Finally, the meaning of WOKE is revealed

Have you been wondering about where all this WOKE BS originated from?

Spoiler alert, it’s not what you think!



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