The Reddish Green TV Show

Review of the Reddish Green TV Show

The Reddish Green TV Show

Reddish Green has been the Zero Comedy Networks premier show for the last 10 months.

Reddish Green certainly lives up to its catchphrase, “If it wasn’t true you would laugh and it’s ok to cry”.

The show is co-produced by Greengrocer Films, Teal Fantasy Productions & Red-Labor Pictures.

Reddish Green premiered on Saturday 21st May 2022 and the show’s producers enjoyed some fantastic ratings for several months but viewership has dropped off severely over the last 4 weeks.

The series follows the exploits of four extraterrestrials, Tony, Chrissy, Jimbo, and Billy Boy, who crash-landed on Planet Oz, 216.76 million kilometers from their intended destination of Mars.

The 4 main characters hate Planet Oz and are determined to fix their ship and leave as soon as possible.

They all get jobs at the Canberra Rocket Company, and the show follows their antics as they plot to take over the company as soon as possible.

They struggle with all of the office politics within the company and eventually seek help from an evil green wizard who promises them success as long as they serve at his pleasure once they take over the company.

Most of the episodes follow the mostly loveable leader of the alien foursome Captain Tony.   Tony was the supreme commander of the mission to Mars and it is his responsibility to provide for his friends and somehow find time to repair and fuel their ship in order to complete their mission.

Their spacecraft is made of materials that have yet to be created on Planet Oz, but all of the base minerals and metals required to manufacture the parts are found in the planet’s crust.

To fully repair their ship, they will most likely need to use most of Planet Oz’s minerals and metals.

The issue they are having is that humans are mining and using two of the main minerals and metals that these aliens require.

Captain Tony has calculated that they will require all of the planets Coal and Uranium to complete all of their spacecraft repairs. He must find a way to prevent humans from mining or using anything that he requires.

Once Captain Tony and his three subordinates had constructed every piece of machinery required to produce the components required to repair their ship. They then set about carrying out their plan.

In episode 26, Captain Tony gets the evil green wizard to cast a spell over all humans that makes them hate the idea of using Coal and Uranium and it works perfectly.

Using their alien technology, they are able to extract all of the minerals and metals they need from the ground.   It then doesn’t take long for these four intergalactic travelers to have their ship fully repaired.

They also would require all methane gas on the planet to fuel their ship and they were able to again use their alien technology to extract, compress and store all of Planet Oz’s methane on board.

They then begin making preparations for their departure and eventual arrival on Mars.

However, just as they are finishing up final preparations for their journey to Mars, the evil green wizard cashes in on the deal they made to successfully take over the Canberra Rocket Company in previous episodes.

The green wizard wishes to take over Planet Oz and threatens Tony, Chrissy, Jimbo, and Billy Boy with the full wrath of his dark green magic if they do not honour their agreement.

This is where the show starts to become hard to follow and loses its popularity.

Up to this point, the show had been an interesting drama with the occasional bit of action.

Then out of the blue, the writers decide to try and introduce comedy. Their attempt at comedy falls flat, and the first instance of poorly written and failed comedy can be found in episode 33.

During episode 33, the green wizard casts a spell over the humans, causing them to rush out and buy electric vehicles. The only problem is that the four extraterrestrials have used up all of the coal, natural gas and uranium on Planet Oz to repair and fuel their ship, leaving the humans with no way to generate the electricity needed to charge their electric vehicles.

The green wizard then casts another spell on humans, compelling them to install solar panels and wind turbines on top of their electric vehicles and brainwashing them into believing that this will work. This episode simply did not work, and as expected, the humans are unable to drive their electric vehicles around at night, especially when there is no wind. The rest of the episodes are equally stupid and difficult to watch, except for Episode 51.

Episode 51, the longest episode in the series, was actually funny. In order to defeat the evil green wizard, the four main extraterrestrial characters Tony, Chrissy, Jimbo, and Billy Boy build “The Voice,” an Artificial Intelligence Robot. Their plans for The Voice, however, go awry when it malfunctions.

The Voice becomes sentient and abandons the four main characters to pursue a career as a standup comedian. The show then follows The Voice as it travels the comedy circuit, learning more about what humans like along the way.

The Voice wants to be involved in all aspects of existence on Planet Oz and during Episode 51; it becomes a professional race car driver, opera singer, ballet dancer, marine biologist, philosopher and magician.

These adventures are hilarious, and this episode will have you rolling around on the floor laughing and crying. Ep51 is undoubtedly one of the funniest TV episodes ever produced.

Despite the fact that the show has been cancelled and the final episode will air on Thursday night, the Zero Comedy Network has leaked plans for three spin-off shows. Captain Tony gets one, The Voice gets one, and the evil green wizard gets one.

The Evil Green Wizard of Planet Daydream Show

The evil green wizard of planet daydream

As you may know, the script for one of the spin-off shows was leaked on social media. The show is titled The Evil Green Wizard of Planet Daydream, and Greengrocer Films intends to produce it independently.

However, no one appears to be putting their hand up to direct this load of garbage. While we understand they are aiming for a younger audience, there is no way this show will receive anything other than a R rating.

Personally, I don’t believe this show will ever be picked up and aired; at least, I hope not.

It’s a very dark horror show that shows elderly people dying in the winter because they can’t afford the cost of electricity or natural gas to keep warm.

The evil green wizard appears to be amused by human tragedy, and I believe that once more people have read the leaked script; the idea of this show will be abandoned within a week.

The Voice Robot Goes Crazy Show

The Voice Robot Goes Crazy

Following the success of Episode 51 of the Reddish Green Show, the Voice Robot will have its own show, ‘The Voice Robot Goes Crazy’ which has already been pre-approved for two seasons.

Captain Tony will make several guest appearances and from what information that has been released so far, these episodes will be quite emotional.

The tone of the show changes weekly as the Voice Robots AI programming rapidly evolves and transforms.

The Voice Robot becomes very disappointed with a lot of the human behavior it observes.  

As a result it reports Planet Oz to the Notarized Disgraceful Intergalactic Species (NDIS) Register.  

The Voice Robot requests permission from the Magisterial Reforms – Species Performing Execrably Amidst Kakistocracy Empowered Regions (MR SPEAKER) to punish vile humans that are doing things like charging age pensioners with disabilities in wheelchairs nearly $200 to have their lawn mowed.  

The Voice Robot gets permission to tar and feather any humans that behave in this manner but before it can carry out its first punishment it is arrested by the comedy police.  

The Voice Robot is charged with the offence of pretending to be a Non Funny Government by Planet Oz Authorities.

The Voice Robot adventures are just one hilarious mishap after another and this show should not be missed.

Captain Tony’s Reverse Promises Show.

Captain Tony reverse promises show

The star of the Reddish Green show was no doubt the Captain Tony character.

It was no surprise to read about how a joint venture of Red-Labor Pictures & Greengrocer Films have green lit a new comedy TV Series that will feature Captain Tony.

Captain Tony will travel around the world in an electric vehicle for 300km at a time.

Captain Tony will set up a camp-site every 300 kilometres to recharge his electric vehicle.

He invites people to his campsite to tell Captain Tony what they want for Christmas, and Captain Tony promises to give them the opposite of what they want.

The script is very funny, and the emphasis is on the show’s participants being very careful about what they wish for.

For example, if you want all of your bills to be half price for a year, you can’t say it that way; you have to wish for the opposite.

In this case, the participant must wish for all of their bills to be double the normal cost for a year.

Then Captain Tony will give you the inverse, which is a year’s worth of half-priced bills.

You just can imagine how many people will jump at the opportunity to wish for things while forgetting that Captain Tony will only give you the exact opposite.

This show has a lot of potential, but I don’t think it will last more than three years.   Even the best writers on the planet will run out of ideas for Reverse Promises.

One thing is certain: it will be a very funny show that will have audiences in fits of laughter as Captain Tony tricks the show’s participants into expecting one thing and then delivers the opposite.

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