Earth Is a Privately Owned Cosmic Zoo

Earth Is A Privately Owned Zoo

Is Earth Just A Commercially Viable Cosmic Zoo.

As we become more comfortable with the idea that we are not alone in the universe, our imaginations can try to figure out why we are here and what the universe is all about.

Hopefully, as our understanding of the Universe grows, it will be easier to recognise that the planet we call home may not be what we think it is.

We may not have arrived here as a result of some cosmic supernatural miracle; however, there could be another reason that is equally fascinating.

Perhaps the inhabitants of Earth over the last 65 million years have been placed here as a mix of zoo trials, lab experiments, and farming opportunities. 

We just need to spend some time trying to determine which is our actual situation.

Maybe the reason we are here is due to something that makes sense, maybe it’s something that’s absolutely ‘out of this world’.


Who Is William C Lorris & What Is His Relationship With Earth?

With the steady increase in UAP sightings for the last 70 years, it’s little wonder that some of us with open minds have been gradually putting the pieces of the Earth shaped puzzle together.  

I’ll be the first to admit that accepting the truth about Earth and all of us is a mind-boggling experience.  The fact that Earth is nothing more than a privately owned zoo, and that we are unwilling participants in a Zoo TV show with a rapidly expanding audience across the universe, is a difficult pill to swallow.

As the Earth Zoo TV Show ratings have increased, so has the shows fan base.   We are the main attraction of the most watched TV show in the universe and our show has been holding down a prime time slot for over 250,000 years and is constantly setting new standards galactic entertainment.

Our daily antics are being watched by trillions of fans across the cosmos and many episodes of Earth Zoo have been the basis for thousands of very successful movies and spin off shows.

Earth Zoo is owned by William C Lorris.

William C Lorris is an enigmatic CEO of Kepler Bet, the biggest betting agency on Kepler-1606b and the 5th biggest betting agency in the Universe.  

Kepler-1606b is located 2,870 light-years away and has been Williams home base for billions of years. William’s father was the owner of Mars Zoo, which was also made into a very popular TV Show that had a loyal fan base.  

However, Mars Zoo ratings took a nose dive around 3.5 billion years ago and was sadly cancelled.

William is an eccentric entrepreneur and is extremely proud of the success of Earth Zoo TV and feels very privileged about the incredible wealth the show has brought him.

For those that don’t know, Earth Zoo is a captivating TV show which has topped the ratings since its first episode 250,000 years ago and has maintained a prime time slot for the entire duration.

William is concerned about the show though, as Earth Zoo’s audience rapidly spreads across the universe, devoted fans of the show have been forgetting that it is a zoo and have been positioning themselves far too close to the Zoo enclosure on thousands of occasions.  

William remembers all to well the trouble his Dad has with the Mars Zoo.  Mars Zoo inhabitants did not respond well to finding out their lives were not their own and that they were nothing more than an attraction at a Zoo.   They went into hiding under the planets surface and this led to the show being cancelled.

Gamblers on Kepler-1606b will bet on anything.

Gambling on Earth Zoo outcomes has been getting out of hand over the last 5,000 years.   Earth Zoo fans have been known for their outrageous bets and criminals around the universe have been suspected of tampering with Human consciousness and manipulating natural phenomenon on Earth to ensure betting outcomes for their friends and family.

How did I find out that Earth Zoo is where I live?

Well, it’s not as though there haven’t been any signs

There have been a huge number of UFO or UAP sightings since 1940.   Although it’s hard to determine exactly how many (as many sightings go unreported), the huge number of sightings each year and the fact that each year there seems to be more and more sightings, has suggested to me that the pilots of these vehicles must have pretty good reasons for getting as close to us as they do.

I’ve also assumed that they’re probably not that different from us in that they drink too much and make stupid bets whilst drunk and it’s during these times that they lose control of their vehicles and crash.  I’m guessing that at least 12,000 of the UFO/UAP-related incidents are drunken young idiots who should have taken a cab home and slept it off.

Most Earth Zoo fans do try to conceal their presence here.

Most fans are very sensible people and respect Earth Zoo policies and procedures.   They purchase high quality cloaking devices for their vehicles before making the trip here.   Just like us, there are always those few people that can’t be bothered to spend the extra few bucks on getting the right equipment and they’re the ones that end up getting captured on peoples phones or on multi platform military detection systems.

Camera Balloons and off planet Cameras.

Camera Balloons are often what we discuss as mysterious lights in the sky.   They’re not weather balloons or swamp gas, they are in fact top end camera balloons, normally fitted with at least 4 high resolution cameras.    They are fitted with cloaking devices but sometimes lightning or malfunctions cause them to become visible to us.   They do get serviced once a year as well and when the cloaking devices are tested, they will turn themselves off for a few seconds during a reboot.

Some of what we think are stars in the night sky are just outer orbit high-tech long range cameras.   They sometimes get struck by the huge amounts of junk we live in space and when they fall towards earth, we often call them shooting stars.

The Matrix-Like Coincidences that happen.

Ever had a string of coincidences that seemed too perfect to be true? It’s not just luck; it’s usually the zookeepers pulling the strings behind the scenes or as mentioned above, criminals influencing the outcomes of bets.  

Another common misconception we have is about people we encounter that we think are a muse.   Earth Zoo fans and criminals will on occasion come down to the surface and tamper with the natural order of things.   Even though doing so is illegal, not everyone respects the law unfortunately.  

Those people that we think are a Muse are just rule breakers that are pushing thoughts into peoples heads for various reasons.   Sometimes it’s because they might feel that Earth Zoo has become a tad predictable and are wanting to spice things up a bit.

They’ve been doing this for centuries, sometimes they are just having fun and will get us to do something small like write, paint, or make something that we would have never thought of doing.   Other times they can be dangerous influences that have led to catastrophes, like certain reality TV shows in America.

Mostly they are harmless and nothing to worry about.

The strange but entertaining behaviour of us Humans.

Humans can be quite unpredictable, but our behaviour often resembles that of crazy animals. From our weird mating rituals to territorial disputes, we are unwittingly entertaining a huge fan base and they just love messing with us.   One of the most recent tampering events on Earth Zoo TV was when a fan convinced millions of humans that being Woke was the coolest thing on the planet.  

Although it was intended as a harmless prank carried out by a drunken uni student from Alpha Centauri, the rise of Wokeness on the program has brought about a huge ratings spike.   Since being Woke became a thing, William Lorris has been able to double his advertising revenue.   The South Park writers came pretty close to working it all out too.

The Puzzling Crop Circles.

If you’ve been wondering about the intricate patterns etched into fields, yep that’s just crazy fans of the show having a bit of fun whilst camping down on the surface.   Crop circles are little more than cosmic graffiti, left by fans of the show with way too much time on their hands.   Some of it is actually quite good and there are obviously some fans out there with plenty of artistic talent.

The Intergalactic Paparazzi.

There is no way we could be the stars of such a popular TV show without some of us being tagged as the show’s stars.

What we often refer to as Alien Abductions are Paparazzi momentarily kidnapping some of us more popular humans.   Their vessels are configured with large studios for staging photos.  

Most of the time they are not supposed do anything other than wipe our memories once they’ve finished taking photos of Earth Zoo stars.    There are a few of them that take things a little too far and plant tracking devices inside the bodies of some stars.   They then sell the tracking id for those devices to the highest bidders.

William Lorris has been working with the shows producers trying to fix paparazzi behaviour but with some photos selling for enough money to buy a small planet with, it’s a real struggle for him to try and push standards and reform in this industry.

Unexplained disappearances and animal extinctions.

Every now and then we hear about people vanishing without a trace.   Some of these instances are where Earth Zoo producers just seem to develop a real strong dislike for a character on the show.   Worried about ratings taking a hit, they will relocate some humans to other similar planets for the duration of the show.   

It’s a similar thing with what we’ve always believed to be animal extinctions; they still exist, just not on this planet any more.   Negative feedback on the biggest show in the Universe will force the hand of the shows production team and they get the zoo keepers to do these tasks.

End of season changes to the shows.

At the end of each season, Earth Zoo writers like to leave the audience on the edge of their seats, wanting more.

With this current season nearing an end on the 15th December 2050, they have been working an exciting finale.   They’ve adopted a multi prong approach that will combine into a sensational cliff hanger style ending to this season.   Forcing overpopulation of earth, relocating all marine life from the oceans and thousands of species of animals and insects from the land areas to Proxima Centauri b and rapid desertification of Earth has got most of us humans stumped and most of the money being wagered is on us not working it out or being unwilling to work out if it involves hard work.  

There is talk of reopening Mars Zoo though, so many of our descendants might end up getting relocated up the street to Mars just prior to it all going wrong here in the Zoo we call home.


Yep, it all sucks but there’s no point being perplexed about it, just go with the flow and throw another shrimp on the barby whilst we wait for the climactic ending of this season to be aired in 26 years from now.   Good luck to you and your family.

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